Tim O-Connor vs. The Storm

I just got an e-mail from Tim O’Connor with some pics. These were taken in Venice where  Christine and Vicki lived with the Dundon brothers. Keith Purvis and Tim are posing in front of the appartment where they lived. I will never forget walking down those steps with Rena Easton, whom I rescued at 3:00 A.M. in the morning.  She was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. This is the third painting I am doing of her. The first one inspired Christine to take up art. She dated both Keith and Tim, whose incredible ordeal at sea I just finished reading. I am in awe. I am so impressed! I have been jealous of Tim living on a boat in Holland. We sailed one time at Marina Del Ray.

I have read several books about amazing survivals written by lone sailors caught in a horrific storm. Tim’s tale – is over the top! There is nothing to compare. I know enough about boats to know everything he says – is the truth! The sheer terror he felt – is beyond description. It is epic!  I mean – EPIC!

Almost all such experiences are not told, because the sailor has gone down with his craft. This is a near-death experience! Our oldest and greatest literature is about brave sailors who refuse to give up after being pushed to the limit. This experience needs to be archived, and admired by men who know. I believe Tim has been completely humbled. What a Lucky Man! Very few of us have – lived! I mean – LIVED!  Bravo, Tim!

Tim gives much credit to his boat. Below is Sir Ian Easton, Rena’s late husband, who was a Commodore in the Royal Navy. He was an expert sailor on the Isle of Wight. He sponsored the White Crusader. He would shake Tim’s hand – hardily!

Tim has always taken chances. At fourteen he asked if he could take LSD with me and my cousin, and his best friend. I was down in L.A. visiting. I was a Great White Hippie From The North. Tim lived with Rosemary and Vicki for awhile, and would later come live with me and The Loading Zone in Oakland. We are Explorers.

Tim’s father was an famous actor. Tim knew the Venice scene. He looks a bit like Doc in Pynchon’s ‘Inherent Vice’. I wish Tim could have helped with the directing, set up some real scenes. How timely that I hear from him after my last post. It is so helpful to share memories with the people we knew and loved!

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