I think I just posted on the three women who make up the core being of Victoria Bond who is going to be nineteen, going on sixteen, the age young women want to become Citizens. Trump never wanted to be a Citizen. Kim and his people are now puzzling over this, they trying to figure out what nation he is a Citizen – of – so they can determine who won the three-dimensional chess game. Good luck!

Below is a list of Real Tough Bondish Folks. Now take a good look at this general.

This is ‘The Adult In The Room’. He has personally tortured 23 people – to death. With a wave of his hand, 3,000 folks were buried alive. The look he gives Trump, says;

“What kind of moron are you?! Two hours alone with you, I will have you screaming like a butchered hog. After I own all your secrets, I will drown you in a bucket of your own urine!”

Now take a closer look at Kim.

“Geez! What an idiot. New best buddy has made fool of wrong general. I may not be able to save him. There goes my Christmas at the White House! I got watch out for my own ass! His family will be shamed to the third generation. Several will take their own life. Many will be hauled away to the work camp. But, Donny don’t care. What a big goof. He do this on purpose? His people must have done research, and know General Un Jung Kai practiced his salute – for three days!”


President Trump says he is unable to “speak to” North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s infamous legacy of mass executions, assassinations, and killings of his own people. During a lengthy, at-times-rambling Friday morning conversation with Fox & Friends, the president boasted of his meeting with Kim earlier this week: “I got along with him great. We have a great chemistry together. That’s a good thing.” Fox News host Steve Doocy asked: “What about the people he’s killing?” And the president replied: “I can’t speak to that. I can only speak to the fact that we signed an incredible agreement and it’s great and going to be great for them too because now North Korea can develop and North Korea can become a great country economically.” The comment registered as odd considering Trump featured prominently in his 2018 State of the Union address a defector who escaped the North Korean regime’s brutality. Moments after ending the Fox News interview, Trump was asked by a media-scrum reporter: “How can [Kim] love his people if he’s killing them?” The president once again replied: “I can’t speak to that.”

Many of the actors, even some of the Bonds themselves, came up as athletes and were well suited to perform some crazy stunts on screen. Others were perfectly content to stand back and watch as lookalikes threw themselves out of airplanes. And by no means are we judging them; the ability to look tough on film doesn’t have to go hand in hand with being tough in real life.

This is a list of performers first and foremost, and if someone’s acting is so believable that you accept them as an action star even if that’s nothing close to their real personality, that’s just as impressive in its own way.

Let’s be real, it takes a certain amount of baseline toughness just to be in an action movie. This is all relative, if we label someone “Not Tough” it’s (almost) always because the actor is simply too nice to be intimidating.

With all that in mind, let’s take at 13 James Bond Stars Who Are Legitimately Tough (And 12 Who Are Only Tough Onscreen).


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