Presbyterian Church of Patriots

How many thought I am mad when I posted this in February? I call for the strengthening of our bond with our allies. How did I know what was coming? Is God speaking to me, and showing me – His Truth?

I took a DNA test on and am kin to Bennett Rosamond who had this monument made. Trump never served. He is the Devil’s Dummy. He needs to be IMPEACHED!

Trump set up Putin to host G7 meetings in the future. His motive is clear – before he got elected. He is a agent of Putin.

Rosamond Press

Captain Gavin Witherspoon, and Samuel Rosamond, fought under Francis Marion in South Carolina. Gavin is the son of Signer John Witherspoon. Allegedly he was given land in the World by King William of Orange. Samuel’s brother James fought against King George as well. What I am going to put forth is the question of Kingdom verses Democracy. I believe Jesus was a Patriot and led a revolution against Caesar ‘The Slave Master’ who ruled Judea, thus ending The Kingdom of God. There was a battle for the temple that the Jews, and other peoples, lost. A Patriot is bid to do the right thing in order to keep a Democracy alive.  A subject must obey the will of a King without question. The Scotch-Irish rebelled against the King of England. They did most of the fighting. They had a great voice about what the Constitution would say.

It is my…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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