This is the most amazing thing! A true miracle! I was wondering if, and why, Lara Roozemond , was snubbing me. Did I offend them about their beloved Frisian horses? I suggested they look at the Blue Tick Hounds of the Ozarks where I found ‘The Most Beautiful Horse In The World’. He was named after a famous Prussian King.

Lara, stop playing games. You are a horseshoe in. There is a good chance your father knew about Frederick the Great going to America. This is pure prophecy. Don’t let that scare you! Your Land of Make Believe – is much bigger than you thought. I called, and you came. Welcome to America, Arion!

Here are my Rosamond ancestors buried under homemade markers in Arkansas in the Ozark woods. These are the sons of Patriots who beat the two finest armies Europe had to muster. We whooped them, those Brits and the Hussars. We sent them home with their tails between their legs, our Coon Hounds fast after them!

Frederik the Great is a Friesian stallion that lives on Pinnacle Friesians, a farm in Arkansas‘s Ozark Mountains. He was imported to this farm from the Netherlands when he was six years old.[1] In May 2016, he became known for unofficially being the “world’s most handsome horse”.[2] He is named after the 18th-century Prussian monarch Frederick the Great.[3] Since then, he has appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and received offers to appear in films.[4][5] As of May 31, 2016, his Facebook page had over 35,000 likes.[5]=[5]

Looking like a page straight out of Italian heartthrob Fabio’s book, Frederick the Great has unofficially been crowned the most beautiful horse in the world.

A rare Friesian horse, living in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, is captivating the internet with his fantastic mane and muscular build.

The Prussian-named horse has more than 40,000 followers on his Facebook fan page and a nickname of “Storybook Stallion.”

Rosamond Press

I had a vision. I went on a Vision Quest – to Holland! Let’s call it a Vision Hunt. I took my dog Blue, with me.

I suggest Dutch students look at the background of the Americans who fought the Nazi to free Holland. How many owned a Blue Tick? How many left their good dog at home, to hunt down Nazis in the Netherlands?

I have a theory, that if it were not for those Ulster-Scots, those Rednecks in the Ozarks, WE may have lost WW2, because, these Good Ol Boys, knew how to stay in the field, and, they didn’t come home without something to eat – and their beautiful dogs!


he cemetery site has a rich historical background, lying near the famous Cologne-Boulogne highway, originally built by the Romans and used by Julius Caesar during his campaign in that area. The highway was also used by

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