Royal Janitor with Royal Fleet

I have found God. God is a Ocean of Truth. His Truth, is under attack. Away all ships!

Rosamond Press

On March 17th. I began my novel ‘The Royal Janitor’. The next day I visualized the second chapter. I have Sabrina on a couch having her vivid dream. A fleet of aircraft carriers are forming a battle line off the coast of England. I was going to gather the carriers that Caspar John, and Ian Easton, commanded, and post them on this blog. Then I realized I was having a prophetic vision.

Three days ago I discovered Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, had a collection of Augustus John’s paintings. It’s on. Be on your guard. Do your duty! Repel the enemy.

I can assure you God is on our side! Putin has no prophet. I will do holy battle with any holy man he’s got – live on CNN!

Bring out your best son of a bitch!

I see myself as the real Gandalf, the Wizard of War, standing on the…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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