The New American Revolution

This white man has not given up the fanchise to the blacks, nore the whites.

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marilyndoll“About an hour before clashes, Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide Mohammed Badie told his followers “May the Lord destroy” the secular opponents of the Islamist movement. A spokesman called for calm.”

The Republican evangelicals and the Muslim Brotherhood are in agreement…..Secular Democracy must be destroyed!

Above is a photo of my first girlfriend, Marilyn Godfrey/Reed holding a black doll. Her sister, Shanna, stands in back of her. When Shanna disappeared while living in France, her Christian mother contacted the Black Panther, Eldridge Cleaver after this convert appeared on the 700 Club.
Shanna was found after she was lost for four years.

My girlfriend, Gloria Ehlers, whose close friends (a brother and sister) were the White Panthers, a legal team. My daughter’s mother had a boy by a Chicago Black Panther, who named his son after Malcome X. Gloria and I used to go to piano bars where she sang Betsy Smith…

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