Kehinde Wylie – Headhunter

Nobody knows, from where the bullshit flows.

Rosamond Press

“the piece nonetheless captures Wiley’s core concept, of sympathetically re-envisioning members of an often despised, stereotyped or overlooked segment of the population as proper and fit subjects of fine art. “

This is a mugshot found on the street. I have no desire to have anal sex with this black man, but, I can not speak for Wiley. A Gay Predator  is prone to groom a heterosexual, make him feel special. Was this nameless man raped in prison? Was he homeless, and  resorted to prostitution? This anonymous human being did not ask to be re-envisioned in order to be the subject of a not so simple portrait – with all the propaganda piled on like whipped cream. No one is at fault if they don’t want to look at this work, or any black man. To make sure white people take a look, Master Wylie puts  religious objects that are…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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