Tom Snyder and Stormy Daniels

I believe most women can read between the lines, and thus know, what I try to hide, even deny….The Artist Rosamond prostituded her art, put the beaufiful women she rendered in a red light district, and on the auction blook. She was Pimp of Pimps, the Lover of Money, and the evil portence, who lay rose petals before the Trumps and Putins of the world. Hail Caesar!

Rosamond Press

After posting this, I turned on MSNBC to hear Stormy Daniels speak of the threat she got when she was with her infant child, who is around ten today? In 1960, an article appeared in the Oakland Tribune about my mother being arrested. Her children were possibly going to be taken from her.

Rosemary Rita Rosamond, got into her Ford Anglia, and drove to L.A. leaving us in the care of a old hag who had a 75 I.Q. She was there for show. We four Presco Children had been raising each other for five years. We only saw Rosemary in the morning, while she got ready for work in the bathroom. We lined up to get our school stuff signed. Now, we were completely abandoned. I stated my belief, she was not going to come and get us.

I understood later, that she feared for her life. She knew…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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