The Bad Rose

I am kin to Ian Fleming who left me clues that prove the world is ending. The Arks are being loaded. If Stefan is still in Germany, he is not coming back, because he has a ticket. Christine and all those who voted for Trump, were tricked in the weeding process. If Captain Eins in in the city, then he has decided to go down with THE REFUSED on the U.S.S. Fashion Moda. It was god conversing with you – not

The character for James Bond is based upon two people, Baron von Thyssen, and Robin Ian Evelyn Stuart Le Prince La-Lanne Mirrlees, who was the Rouge Serpent. Teresa Bond is also based on two women …

One of the messages I sent to Lara Roozemond, informed her I posted on Stefan Ein’s facebook a post about her. She said her dream was to go to New York, and perhaps live there. Stefan founded Fashion Moda that is a famous Art Scene. I got no reponse. Now I wonder if Sara is an agent of some kind. I found no evidence she modeled in the foreign cities she went to. Is she a Real Estate Courier? What would be her moniker?

I think she likes black leather because she sees herself as a spy – a corporate spy? There’s something wrong with Lara’s eyes. She has a tattoo of a large black widow spider. How old is she really – two hundred and twenty? I think she was told to stay clear of others with the blood, because they own the sight, too! This blog is proof of that. You would want to get rid of all outside seers, because, they breed. That film spoke about loving the witch. Hansel and Gretal. Follow the bread crumbs.

I thought Kergen was just a comic book. Lara had me in a trance. I think I am awake, and over her. I think these are the Rosemonts from Arginy. There is a Euro-Cult.

Most people respond to a simple genealogical research, especially when I connect them to a Pope and the Swan Brethren. Then there is my famous sister. I have suspected someone is undermining my investigation and secretrly contacting my contacts – they get from this blog. My niece thought her life was in danger, and authors nothing about her mother.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is my favorite film in the last twenty years. My mother had energy like this. She was extremely smart and worked for Nava Intelligence. Her complaint was, she married the wrong man – and had four children! The sky was the limit for Rosemary Rosamond. Vic told me….

“It was like she was writing a book, always working on a script that I could get her to put down.”

She perked up the last time I saw her in 1994 when I told her about my Biblical study. She told me;

“I’m so fucking bored!”

I stumbled upon ‘The Eyes of Laura Mars’ looking for a torch song for Victoria Bond. I am blown away. Too bad the director used the Giallo technique around famous actresses. This movie could have been a classic, even won an academy award. Perhaps – a sequal?

I suspect Lara Roozemond like the Dragon tattoo, and thus I invented The Rose Wing. I think I got two hits on my hand. I am doing a good job of getting into the mind of the Bond and Rose Woman because I grew up with dramatic women. I will be posting Tom Snyder’s devious delving into the mental illness of my Rose Women to show everyone how my families PRIVACY was invaded – for money! I am an a Artist! I have the Sight! I see Lara is wearing the cap of the Horse Consortium with BAD. The A crowns her. What does the B&D stand for. Arion Roozemonde moves to Carmel founded my members of the Bohemian Club. The B. What a great name! A Harlequin Romance name! Arion has a split personality.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

“She shouldn’t get on a horse. She thinks she is the reincarnation of a Centauride. She was a shut-in as a child, and read a lot. She has an altar to Hera. She believe men fucked the worship of her all up. She is out for revenge.

Uh-oh. He’s feeling dominated and wants the upper hand. If he touches her in a superior manner, she’ll kick the shit out him! She knows French Foot Boxing. When her eyes start blazing, and she declares “I am Arion!” best cut her off.”

I want my female Bond to be half mad, for what was done to her.  Note the pic of Lara and her lover in the lower right-hand corner. I love this shot! This is her inner black panthers taking control. (add smile) You can not write good poetry – unless you are mad! Did I tell you Victoria has committed to memory a million poems? Don’t let her corner you when she’s… the mood.

Blomkvist’s daughter Pernilla (Josefin Asplund) visits him and notes that the numbers from the notebook are Bible references. Blomkvist tells Vanger’s lawyer, Dirch Frode (Steven Berkoff), that he needs help with his research, and Frode recommends Salander based on the work she did researching Blomkvist himself. Blomkvist hires Salander to investigate the notebook’s content. She uncovers a connection to a series of murders of young women from 1947 through to 1967, with the women either being Jewish or having Biblical names; many of the Vangers are known antisemites. During the investigation, Salander and Blomkvist become lovers. Henrik’s openly national socialist brother Harald identifies Martin (Stellan Skarsgård), Harriet’s brother and operational head of the Vanger empire, and Blomkvist marks Martin as a possible suspect. Salander’s research uncovers evidence that Martin and his deceased father, Gottfried, committed the murders.

Producer Jon Peters, who was dating Barbra Streisand at the time, bought the screenplay as a starring vehicle for her, but Streisand eventually decided not to take the role because of “the kinky nature of the story,” as Peters later explained. As a result, the role went to Dunaway, who had just won an Oscar for her performance in Network. Streisand nevertheless felt that “Prisoner,” the torch song from the film, would be a good power ballad vehicle for her. She sang it on the soundtrack and garnered a moderate hit as a result (the record peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100).

Jon Presco





belle10Kergen looks very much like Rena’s boyfriend whom I met in the living room of the Harkin’s house. He had large intense eyes. I believe he was twenty six. I did not like his energy. He drove seventeen year old Rean to Los Angeles for a reason Rena was reluctant to talk about. If he had not called the Venice muscle men “fags” I would never have met Rena. When she came out of that dark doorway at 3:00 A.M. she can out as Le Princess de Nuit. If she had bit me in the neck, I would have loved it. Twenty four hours later, she gave me the second best kiss in the history of kisses.

When she came back to bed after saying goodbye to Kergen (for want of his real name) Rena woke me. She had made a tent with the covers. The look on her faces was alarming. She looked like a cat hissing. Her eyes were completely wild – and very mischevious!

“Help me!” She said. “I can’t stand him!”

I was truly afraid. Rena was possessed. If we touched our sexual play would have been on their terms. I saw this in our first kiss. In the living room Kergen was giving Rena the sign of Satan with his fingers.

“I don’t want to play, anymore Rena!” and I turned my back to her and forced myself into a deep sleep. We were distant in the morning as we packed to go to Nebraska. I did not know if I had saved her, and, whose side she was on.

In the a tower of Arginy Castle, members of a neo-Templar group that is not the Solar Temple group, drew portals on the wall so that diseased Knights Templars could come through and reveal occult secrets and the whereabouts of the vast Templar treasure that was concealed long ago. The De Rosemont family was involved in several searches for this treasure. Jacques Breyer had formed a new Rosicrucian cosmology. The Solar Temple attached itself to the Arginy Knights of the Rose Cross, and allegedly committed mass suicides and murders so members can pass into another realm, perhaps travel to a distant star. Consider the suicides by the Heaven’s Gate cult.

Sometimes Fiction masks the Truth. The Rougemont/Rosemont family -is for real! They came to own the Shroud of Turin as Knight Templars. This is my discovery. But, have I been led by a unseen hand. A seer said I got each night to the Cathedral of the Souls where I have a reserved seat at a great oval table. There is a hooded figure standing behind me.

There was never a dull moment with Rena. We were – intense! We had to be set apart! But look at Our Story that we created, that created us. We are Archetypes. Who are we?

Jon Presco

Copyright 2013

key to the ann 1930s, the story of a Vampire, Vladimir Kergan, and an e terroris, that of the Rougemonts family.
The struggle of a man against his pass, against his obscure t c.

July 2002: it is at the bottom of the 13th if key, the e tomb of one more night darker me than others, fate struck the e shop of its bloody canines Rougemont…

Under the appearance of a troubadour, Kergan the Vampire was drenched blood of Lady Marianne. The spectacle of fire Lady Marianne vampiris e, Messire Jehan de Rougemont swore to avenge his lady. Thus, the n for each g n ration of Rougemont should kill Kergan, the Prince of the night. After moult d capitation, and a night less only than others with Mona, Jehan committed suicide so Kergan ignore him one of his disciples.
Paris, 1933:

Vincent Rougemont, last of line, is cras by the weight of bad diction… He has hidden his duty but its duty attacked it in its ves r reminding him the painful family pass.

It investigations te and d covers then a chest buried o is the handwritten version of its ves r: it is a pile of war against Kergan that he d Earth. Still need to open the trunk…

everything begins, or rather t continues, dear b of the Inquisition. FR re Aymer has gu d piti for his victims. But face it there is another monster, most bloodthirsty: Kergan the vampire.

He juggles tarnishes it and continues to pursue his hatred n g De Rougemont family rations. Found so both in the hot streets of Paris in the ann es thirty on the canals of Venice during the great plague which vast d Europe.

The last of the De Rougemont will end the evil diction gr this box l gu by its very CNA?

Kergan vampire, enemy jur de Rougemont, tracking of g n ration in g n ration members of this family of vampire hunters.

In this 3 me episode, it lies face Armand de Rougemont, Commissioner of the people during the revolution fran r easy. Calvin thus a blink of an eye the s series Dampierre pursued as sc screenwriter with Eric then Pierre Legein.

“You have certainly more blood on their hands than I could swallow in a key if” proclaims the vampire his victim. Subsequently, we find Armand de Rougemont, 1930s to the ann, the other thread of this exciting saga that revisits the myth of Dracula.

This is the opportunity for the author of d write a Paris people through by limousines to epoch. Finally, there is Elise, the fianc e of Armand, another challenge of the struggle between Kergan and the latter.

the Hunter is tomb. He who, however, was persuaded to finally have limin prey…

Vincent Rougemont has had beautiful explain that he had been defeat a vampire, his pr presence at the scene of a crime just his cart mind of the police to a suspect, or even a guilty…

Intern in a mental asylum, Vincent travels Maximilien journal, one of his very anc, which also owed him cross the creature without ge cr… Over the pages pass resurfaced. But Vincent doesn’t know yet is that the corpse of one who cannot die slowly returns to life.

The pass and the pr feels will again merge. Tracking down will have to start again…

Combining with skill the canons of the being with the originalit’s flashes back, Lizzie begins this new cycle with jubilation. He opened the coffins and plunged his characters into an evil fique whirlwind that carries the reader his suite…

Site Gl nat February 2002: Tesfahans gr this Leona Lansberg complicit, the greater White-fronted myst re, Vincent Rougemont nurses will be able to continue the eternal and family the personi by diabolical Vladimir Kergan vampire hunting.

The latter, oddly discreet during the previous, gradually recovering from his wounds, tome is today more determined than ever. He draws d now the r g operator n blood in the bowels of innocent children. Its new g series, Elise, haunts also hot districts of Paris, in which you “food”.

Approaching the th my such as childhood trauma, death pr e matur of a twin, the transmission of blood, the new Prince of the night puts in sc do painful questions, all the time contemporary and universal.

since the dawn of time, the Rougemont are cursed. A vampire as bloodthirsty as reducing r guarantor on behalf of Vladimir Kergan, d Crown a all members of this family, the continuing without rel che until their definitive d extinction.

Their offspring has devoted herself body and me a qu te unique: find and kill the vampire responsible for this strange evil diction that p is on their.

Whatsoever in the middle ages in the Paris of the ann Trento, the anguish remains the m es me face this timeless Monster. The Prince of night r from… and no it what!

We find Kergan in the pre-war Germany. Partnering with Nazi militia to increase its destructive power, he draws a ge machiav lique Vincent de Rougemont pi… M me nightmares the most delicious d come to an end, because here is d j the last volume of the second cycle of the saga!

But the s series will continue… The vampire Kergan is so alive or not, it is certain that it will continue to haunt your nights during very long…

1 friend posted on Stefan’s time 

Fashion Moda was founded in 1978 by Stefan Eins. He was soon joined by artist Joe Lewis and William Scott, a young teenager from the neighborhood as co-directors.[1] Defining itself as a concept, Fashion Moda quickly became a strong voice in the New York art world during the late 1970s and the 1980s.[2] Fashion Moda crossed boundaries and mixed metaphors. It helped redefine the function of art in a post-modernist society. Fashion Moda spotlighted such artists as David Wojnarowicz, Keith Haring, Jane Dickson, Stefan Roloff, Jenny Holzer, Mark Kostabi, Kenny Scharf, Carson Grant, Joe Lewis, Thom Corn, John Ahearn, Lisa Kahane, Christy Rupp, John Fekner, Don Leicht, Jacek Tylicki, Stefan Eins himself and graffiti artists like Richard Hambleton, Koor, Daze, Crash, Spank, and many others. In addition to highlighting new talent, Fashion Moda was a major force in establishing new venues. In 1980, Fashion Moda collaborated with the downtown progressive artists organization Colab (Collaborative Projects Inc.) on “The Times Square Show” (June 1980), and Now Gallery which introduced uptown graffiti-related art to downtown art and punk scenes.

Fashion Moda in the South Bronx was located in a building at 2803 Third Avenue near 147th Street and the Hub, a shopping center.[3] The South Bronx location allowed it the freedom to explore the questions “What is art?” and “Who defines it?” Funded largely by grants from the NYSCA, NEA, and other, outside money, the space encouraged the production of creative art, unhampered by the contemporary art market and academic art training. As such, it was a center for many downtown and local South Bronx artists, writers, and performance artists to workshop their ideas and first display their works. Fashion Moda was also closely tied to the global emergence of Hip Hop. In the latter part of its existence the storefront exterior was painted by graffiti artist Crash. The name (“Fashion” in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian) was painted graffiti style on top, over a spray painted depiction of a rat, toxic waste and a graveyard. In 1993, Fashion Moda closed its South Bronx location.[4]

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