Brevoort of the Village

The Roozemonds were already looking at me – before I fell in love with their beautful Lara. It, was like I came out of a mirror! Henry Bevoort put on the first masqued ball in America – in the Village! Now do you see the B? Lara – is Christine! I have built the stage for her return! I suspect my sister was murdered!

Rosamond Press

Today is Chris’s birthday. She is all that is left of Greenwich Village that Henry Brevoort founded. She has lived in New York’s Village for forty years. Broadway All is the Godfather of her daughter, Julie. She dated Joe Marra who owned the Night Owl, and accompanied her friend, Bill Graham, to see the Tower of Power. There are America’s first libraries. Here we are my fine reading and writing friends. We cared so much! We built this city!

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Jon Gregory

In 1834,Henry Brevoort built a mansion at 24 5thAvenue, at the northwest corner of 9th Street. Mr. Brevoort was descended from Dutch settlers and since 1701, his earlier ancestors had retained their farm, stretching from 5th Avenue to the Bowery and extending north of 14th Street. He was a lifelong friend of Washington Irving, with whom he corresponded by letters for…

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