The Wicker Man Rides Again!

I have seen some eerie and scary sights, but, when I saw the video of that Frisian Horse out there in no man’s land, it screamed “DEATH!” I can’t believe this THING wasn’t nipped in the bud – right away! Humanity is losing its Critical Factors due to the rise of THE RICH, who stomp the shit out of the Poor Bohemians. Don’t do anything until you consult a Victor Hugo expert. That writer was – flawless!

I’m an actor. Since I can remember I invented costumes and wore them everywhere. I did not give a shit what people thought. Here I am putting the kibosh on the GIANT portrait of Ken Kesey, who I saw MOUNTING Cees’ monument, while on acid, and riding away! The rich – are not creative! Where did you get this idea? This is why they back Bohemians, giving them as little as possible unless you – ruin them!

Here is Holland’s first epic movie. One winter day, a giant wicker man goes about collecting ‘The Rich Snow Children’. He fills himself with them, then takes them to the lowlands, and puts them in the Giant Wicker Horse. The Lowland Darklings, have collected wood for the bonfire. They light it up, get naked, and have an orgy.  The horse and rider take off down the highway in a ball of fire! The screams of the Snow Children, fade. The charred steel horse returns, and takes his place on the burning ground again

Come sunrise, the mountains has laid a fresh carpet of snow. It is so quiet, Here and there you find a designer snow cap or two. The ski chairs sway slightly in the morning breeze. The ravens descend, and peck at the half eaten croissant.


I think this will get me banned in Holland and Switzerland.

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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