The Imperial Riding Cup

This is what got me in trouble. This was the other post on Lara’s favbook. I think she, and her friends took this personal, because they take everything personal. I looked at her brother’s facebook, and he is one of The Children of the Snow’ who dare not share any thought lets the other Snow Chilfren freeze him out. The are all Clean Slates. They leave it all up to the debauched Amricans. They’re Trophy Children waiting for their parensts to die, and get their Sterile Stages, full of money. I connect Lara with some of the worlds most famous models – of yesterday, including Nina Dyer who was married to the Aga Khan, one of the richest men in the world. He bought her a Jaguar, that was recently found and restored, She is Tracy Bond. THIS IS HIGH DRAMA. But, these are the Frozen Children of the Euro Rich, and, Nina kills herself because they left her ON EMPTY! I was tying Method Acting by putting myself in The Mind of Lara. How risky to turn Bond into a woman. Is she like him, a Mananizer? I set Lara up for a real acting part. Do Nina!!!!

Do a Euro version of Christine! I did not know about Cees’ obsession with Royal Frisian Horses. I got his daughter believing she is the Queen of the Centaur and going into a mad trance saying “I am Arion!” Have the giant horse become possessed by the daughter of the artist who made it who met with a untimely death. The horse attacks cars out on the highway. For fook sake. Do something! Holland has no film industry. Every time Lara is interviewed….”I want to go to New York, Sydney, L.A………………..exct. You are the film industry of Holland!

Go to Rougemont Switzerland and film ‘Children of the Snow’ who hack up outsiders with ski poles and skis. They wear big orange eyes glasses.

Since the dawn of human history, there have been beautiful, rich women who seem to ‘have it all’. Some have created enduring ripples (Daisy Fellowes), some have chosen to look beyond their comfortable existence (Millicent Rogers). Even with the current batch of socialites, it can feel like they will linger forever (hardly a thought that fills me with joy….). Having said that, you can seem blessed but you can still be written out of history. Just look at the life, death and blackout of Nina Dyer.

Rosamond Press

The Imperial Riding Cup

Lara Roozemond can ride a horse like this. She competed in the Imperial Riding Cup. This is a plus for ‘The Bond Woman’. I am fashioning a glass slipper for Lara’s foot. When I looked at her on Instagram, a Jaguar ad appeared. She’s a……….Horseshoe in?

Lara rode ‘No Angel’. This will be the title of a chapter, a scene from ‘The Royal Janitor’. Where after competing, she drives willy-nilly to the Horseshoe Inn. This is her hoof stomping ground. Belting down a shot of Kentucky Bourbon, she spots the Austrian who competed in the Men’s event.

“Look at the hindquarters on that one. And those eyes. He reeks of good breeding. I must have him!”

And off she slinks across the room, like a black panther. The female bartender shakes her head. She has seen this predator in action before. They call her the Black…

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