The Eternal Return – Revisited

I have come full circle. The Eternal Return is a core theme with my muses. There is a architypal model. I think I will got to the source, Nina Dyer.

Rosamond Press

When I saw the beautiful young woman emerge from the water in the Omega watch commercial, I gasped. Here was the shape of Rena Easton’s head. She is a Mermaid. Like me, she is a Time Traveler. Her late husband, and their daughter, were Time Travelers. I told Marilyn I have no dreams of the future, and suggested – there is no future! I have gone into The Past – my past – and then some! I have been trying to steer the ship away from the rocks, and save the world. Have I failed? Have we failed? How many Time Travelers are there? We are………..The Alpha and Omega! I have been chosen to speak to you directly. There have been signs.

“Where are you?”

“Here I am!”

The first question God asked the Man and Woman He created, was…………

“Where art thou?”

He made Adam and Eve in His…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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