The Dutch Right-wing


Is Lara Roozemond and her family and friends, Right-wing upper-crust, Trump and Bannon supporters?


The PVV calls for items like administrative detention and a strong assimilationist stance on the integration of immigrants into Dutch society, differing from the established centre-right parties in the Netherlands (like the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, VVD). The PVV has also proposed banning the Quran and shutting down all mosques in the Netherlands.[16][17] In addition, the party is consistently Eurosceptic[18][19] and since early July 2012, according to the program it presented for the elections a few months later in September, it strongly advocates withdrawal from the EU.[20]

Party for Freedom is an association with Geert Wilders as its sole member. The party is ineligible for Dutch government funding and relies on donations.


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