Washed In The Semen of the President

Christian Leaders use the excuse that Trump – The Sex Addict – will calm down and act normal after he is no longer a “baby Christian”. WRONG! Graham and Farwell are not “baby Christians” and thus it is fair to ask;

“What were you fucking freaks thinking?”

They thought they had a Monster on a Holy Golden Chain, that they could control, that they could manipulate in the name of Jesus – to their own ends. They sicked him on their enemies – with holy glee! Now Their Monster is out of control. It has tasted blood. Trump – The Sex Addict ‘ loves how Church& State are recording his Sexual Conquests, putting them in the National Archive – and he won’t be punished! Graham and Farwell have given their monster immunity and holy sanctuary. IT doesn’t even have to go to confession. These Jesus Freaks put us in the car with Frank.


Trump is no “baby Christian” he’s the Anti-Christ! He can’t believe his good fortune that there are a thousand evangelical apologists on his side, that have created a thousand good and holy excuses for THEIR PRESIDENT – and here come a thousand more!

Ten thousand buckets of blood have been poured over THEIR MONSTER – to no avail! Read the Holy Excuser below. Trump is being compared to King David, the Bloody and Lustful man. Rick Perry subscribes to this David – THING!

You have to understand, no President in our history has been subjected to the beliefs of  A SEX CULT where Holy Semen is liberally sprinkled about. I watched much of the series about Rajneesh last night. There were orgies! Trump can not find Loyal People to surround him. This spells DOOM on a massive scale! Trump’s behavior is not being compared to past Presidents, but, people in the Bible! This is the first step in ecclesiastical rule! that these Monster Tamers believe is far superior to our Constitution.

Dowd, has just quit. Trump is on the verge of abandoning Secular Law and falling back on his Evangelical Gurus, who should be chained to THEIR MONSTER, so that when God opens up a bottomless pit in the ground to cast Trump down into it, down they go, too!

I want to see These Traitors clinging to the edge. I want to see their fingernails torn off as they dig into to earth, begging for mercy! I want to make a movie ‘No Second Chance’ where Graham is at home pouring over a new list of presidential candidates, thinking he and his freaks get another chance to EXPERIMENT on millions of human beings. THEN, a chain is clamped on his leg. He calls up other Evangelical Gurus, and they got their just deserts, too! This being DRUG DOWN will take a month. No minister knows the order in which they will be TAKEN DOWN TO HELL.

“No do-overs! No second chance for you!”

Then, there will be the HELL RIDE WITH FRANK for folks who work at Fox News! This ride can last several years. To hell with their semen-soaked candy-colored clown!

Jon ‘The Nazarite Prophet’



President Donald Trump is an imperfect but sincere leader like King David, the legendary Biblical warrior who slew Goliath, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry told Newsmax TV on Tuesday.

“We don’t get confused that Donald Trump is a perfect person, that he’s the be-all, the end-all,” Perry said Tuesday on Newsmax’s “The Joe Pags Show.”

Fear Is The Master – the Bhagwan Rajneesh Tantra Cult

[www.youtube.com] (just less than 60 mins)

Background – there was a giant Tantra complex in Oregon in the early 1980’s which became engulfed in scandal – the Rajneesh Ranch

The 1970’s accounts of severe beatings in the commune in Poona in India are presumably true since we see 1980’s beatings in the Oregon commune in the above documentary. There are accounts of mass orgies in the Indian commune in the 1970’s of about 200 people at a time; all swapping partners several times during the sessions in an era with no HIV / Aids but numerous other STDs / STIs. And with little access to birth control, since this was in India, the inevitable resulted in thousands of children having no idea who their fathers were.

This 1 hour documentary re-hashes a lot of stuff about the commune in Oregon – but it also includes accounts of rapes / coerced sex, suicides, bogus marriages, financial wrong-doing, coerced sterilisation and abortion, under age sex (paedophilia), naked beatings, and big fights!


Burrows had joined a cult. But not just any cult. The 18-year-old had become a follower of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and started wearing Bhagwan’s photo around her neck. Over the next few years, Dara and thousands like her would travel to rural Oregon with Rajneesh, and build a sprawling commune in his name. The lure of the cult would fracture Dara’s already fragile family, and even now, some 33 years after I first met them, they are still healing. 

During last year’s presidential campaign, Ken Burns posed a question to evangelical Christians about the Republican candidate: “What part of Donald Trump reminds you of Jesus Christ?”

The evangelical leaders who supported Trump in the campaign—folks like James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Franklin Graham—did not think it necessary to make that kind of comparison.  They seemed quite willing to grant that there were a lot of things about Trump that Jesus would disapprove of. But some of them simply excused Trump on the grounds that that he was a “baby Christian,” not very far along in his journey of faith. And, furthermore, as one of them put it: “we are not electing a pastor-in-chief.”

I am willing to give them a pass on all of that. As an evangelical,  I typically don’t evaluate presidential performances on whether the leader reminds me of Jesus. I am glad that Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, and that Lyndon Johnson worked diligently for voting rights. I also cheered Nixon for his role in opening up China up to the rest of the world, and George W. Bush for saving lives in the global HIV-AIDS crisis. I think I have good support from the Bible for my views on those matters, and I do think the Bible gives us some measures for evaluating national leadership.

Actually, the evangelical Trump supporters pointed to some biblical measures during the campaign. A reporter called me right after the Republican convention for some background theological discussion about what she was hearing from evangelicals about their support for Trump. When she asked them whether the Bible had any role in their support for his candidacy, they responded by comparing him to two biblical kings: David and Cyrus.

The David comparison is certainly apt. The great king of Israel did some very bad things in his personal life—most notably, having a man killed so that he could commit adultery with the man’s wife. But he is also celebrated in the Bible for some good accomplishments as a national leader.

And even if we discount Trump’s professions of religious faith,  we still have the Cyrus example to consider. The Persian ruler was one of the few pagan rulers in the Bible to get high praise. The Bible even refers to him as God’s “anointed” servant.

So, two good reference points from the Bible. And now we are at the half-year mark in Mr. Trump’s presidency, so I think it is important to see how he is doing in the light of what we know about those two kings. Is President Trump being David-like in his leadership?  Or, lowering the bar a little: is he living up to the standards set by the pagan King Cyrus?

Here are some of things we can think about. In one of the first of many psalms that he wrote, King David asks God to bless his reign. He wants to lead, he writes, the kind of nation where “the needy are not permanently ignored” and “the hopes of the oppressed are not forever dashed” (Psalm 9:18). And  at many points David also asks God to give him a humble and contrite spirit. How do Trump’s many public statements—including his inaugural address and his speech to the National Prayer Breakfast—measure up to that kind of spirit?

And what we know about King Cyrus is that he purposely undid the brutal policies that his predecessor, Nebuchadnezzar, instituted against the captive Jewish people, a minority group in his kingdom. The prophet Daniel had given clear instructions to Nebuchadnezzar about what God required of a pagan ruler: “Therefore, O king, may my advice be pleasing to you. Break away from your sins by doing what is right, and from your iniquities by showing mercy to the poor. Perhaps your prosperity will be prolonged” (Daniel 4: 27).

But Nebuchadnezzar refused to listen, and instead he engaged in some self-aggrandizing boasting: “Is this not the great Babylon that I have built for a royal residence by my own mighty strength and for my majestic honor?” (Daniel 4: 30).  So, as the biblical story goes, God punished Nebuchadnezzar and later raised up Cyrus. And Cyrus got it right.

So, I’m not fixated on how President Trump compares to Jesus.  But I’m glad that many of my fellow evangelicals agree that we should expect Trump to be David-like and Cyrus-like in his leadership.

The time is ripe now for evangelicals to conduct a job performance review in this regard. I have my Bible handy whenever Mr. Trump’s evangelical supporters are ready to get started!

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