Trump and Russia Used Facebook As Weapon

If Ian Fleming were alive, he would be utterly alarmed. He is in my family tree. The Cold War is now officially back. Trump has started a Trade War and wants to hurt the European Union. Russia and Trump are backed and condoned by the Christian-right who have founded a False Washed In The Blood Cult that continues to use Jesus to forgive Trump of all his Sex Sins. Evangelicals voted for The Sinner President so they can save him, and thus – he owes them. Trump understands I write the truth. Saved Sinners are highly encouraged to join the Republican Party. Add it all up! The Liberal Democrats and Agnostics are under full blown attack! They are losing a Holy War, and are too stupid to know it. They will not finish reading this paragraph because it has Jesus stuff in it.

Jon Presco

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is convinced that Russia is using his platform to try to meddle in the upcoming US mid-term elections — and says staying ahead of disruptive actors is a challenge that will never be complete.

In an interview with CNN, Zuckerberg said it was inevitable that “version two of whatever the Russian effort was in 2016” is currently underway on his platform.

He said he was hiring thousands of extra security experts to try to guarantee the integrity of his platform, but acknowledged that there will never be a point at which Facebook is definitely completely safe.

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