Longhair Merovingians & Mary Magdalene

There has to be 5,000 sites saying Mary Magdalene and Jesus are kin to the longhair Merovingians. Above is a painting of Chilperic getting his hair cut off, because it was said to be the source of supernatural powers – like Samson the Nazarite. Jesus is chatting up Mary, who likes what she sees – and hears! Jesus has – the power! Note the electrical charge around my head.











“Conspicuously by their absence: Long-haired Kings, Symbolic Capital, Sacred Kingship and other contemporary myths”:

(Pictured: ‘Le Dernier des Mérovingiens’ par Évariste-Vital Luminais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Carcassonne.)

{Portrait of Chilperic III having his ‘long hair’ shaved off in the presence of Pepin III (ie. Pepin the short):

The Merovingian,’long haired kings’ so named because of they maintained that their legitimacy and their power was as a result of their ‘magical’ long hair, had dominated the West for more than two centuries. Thus, the last Merovingian King, Childeric III, was forced to have his ‘magical’ hair shorn before being imprisoned. Childeric III was one of the Merovingian kings, given the epithet, the “lazy kings’, a term coined by Einhard (biographer of Charlemagne), to legitimize the seizure of power by the Carolingians from of the aristocracy, upon the approval of Pope Zachary. Having excluded Childeric III, Pepin III the short whttps://www.facebook.com/471707109534948/photos/a.573305559375102.1073741825.471707109534948/596246670414324/?type=3&theateras crowned King….}]

{The iconic symbol which is most associated with the Frankish Merovingian dynasty, is that of the ‘long haired kings’. It was, as they believed, because of the inherent mystical power of their hair, that they, the Merovingian kings attributed their right to rule, and of their sacred power and strength…indeed, this was an ancient tradition…a tradition that is very reminiscent of similar traditions witin a Biblical context. In particular, it is with relation to the Biblical narrative of Samson, that hair, and specifically long hair, is attrbuted with mystical power…it is also in this narrative, that the cutting of the hair, eventuates in a loss of supernatural power. The fact that the Merovingian kings began wearing their hair long, much before Clovis’s acceptance of the Roman Catholic faith, attests to the fact that this was an ancient practise amongst the Salian Franks….}

{Chlodio the Long Haired King of the Salian Franks (the Salii)

The Salian Franks were a subgroup of the early Franks who originally settled in the area north of the Rhine. From the 3rd century on the Salian Franks appear in the historical records as warlike Germanic people. The Romans considered them to be Barbarians, but would also use the Salian Franks as part-time mercenaries. The Salians were one of the first Germanic tribes who settled permanently on Roman land….}

{Clovis the ‘Long Haired’ King & the Trojan Legacy:

The Germanic peoples from across the Rhine who swarmed into the Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries included the Franks, whose name seems to have meant ‘ferocious’. The Salian Franks proved the strongest of the Frankish tribes, under their Merovingian dynasty of kings, tracing its descent from a semi-legendary figure called Merovech….}

{The legend of the Merovingian Long (red)haired, Sorcerer Kings:

The Merovingian kings of ancient Gaul were known for their long red hair [http://biblehub.com/topical/h/hair.htm], which was believed to give them magical powers and abilities—like the Biblical Samson [https://www.studylight.org/dictionaries/hbd/s/samson.html]…..}

{“The Long haired Merovingian Priest-Kings’…or, “Gallia Aquitania: Home of the Long-haired Gauls”:

(Pictured [see attached link]: ‘Le Dernier des Mérovingiens’ par Évariste-Vital Luminais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Carcassonne.)….}

***The following text has been redacted from a book entitled,
‘Charlemagne: The Life and Times of an Early Medieval Emperor’…to view book, see attached link***


“Other chronicles describe Charlemagne as a very tall man with blond hair, a long nose, and a moustache but no beard. Since the Frankish leaders usually had long hair, Charlemagne would almost certainly have had long hair too….”

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