The Preston-Benton Tree – With Black People!

Thomas Hart Benton saw himself as a Historian and Archivist. He painted many black people doing what he saw black people doing. So far, I only see one image that looks like a portrait. I find it very regal, and full of soulful stories that did not get recorded.

Some radical blacks today, think they can force white people into letting them rewrite, and paint over all history they deem fit. They don’t like the deal of the cards – or how the game ended! Our President has honored the statues of Confederate officers that are being torn down. You will find some of them in the Preston Tree. Russian operatives have been manipulating Black Lives Matter in order to divide Americans, and bring chaos to our Freedom Land. I have posted extensively on the artist Kehinde Wiley, whose only image of a white person, is of a beheaded white woman. He, and the other black artist who was chosen to do the portraits of the Obama’s, also does portraits of black people, exclusively. Is this self-inflicted Apartheid?

Last night, I lost my oldest friend on the planet. Christine Wandel grew up on Beacon Hill. She is a Boston Blueblood. A year ago, I was shocked to learn she was a rabbid follower of the Donald Trump Cult. She is an original hippie. She has spewed out racist remarks. She knows better, but, Trump hit her sweet spot, and she is out of here! She has abandoned the truth, for the idea the Republican party is out to protect her blonde head.

For a year the racist remarks that came over the phone, were more emboldened. She is telling me she is done with being oppressed by minorities. She was not happy with the proof Russia interfered with our elections. She forsake the Boston Patriots, and accused the FBI and FED, of coming out with their indictment in order to get peoples minds off the school shooting that the FBI could have prevented. I tried to tell her the Justice Department issued the indictment.

“You don’t care that those students were gunned down in cold blood. You just want to bring President Trump down! You have no feelings. You are inhuman!”

“You have gone insane!”

I have looked at a lot of Civil War history. This was the kind of dialogue you heard as the Nation began to take sides, then, drew a hateful line in the sand. The rise of Hitler is also applicable. The Nazis declared millions of people INHUMAN. and thus it is permitted to dig a trench and shoot them in the back of the head. What Nazi troops did to the poor slavs of Russia when they invaded, is unreal. They were rural farmers who could have posed for my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton.

What Christine Wandel made me aware of, is, that Russia and Trump have brought this Democracy to the brink of destruction. We will never be the same. The Preston family immigrated from Ireland and made a Family Tree that contains many elected men. This is the BIG STORY. We have to face THE FACTS. Christine, who went to the finest schools, can no longer do that. She is dead to me. She hates my blog and newspaper.

Above is my favorite family photo. Here is the wife and children of Jirayr Zorthian, who fled the Armenia genocide when he was a child. Benton was his idol. His many murals are being located. I lived with his daughters in a commune in San Francisco.

Black people were not immigrants. They were not fleeing murderous chaos. They found it waiting for them. There has been much talk about WE being a ‘Nation of Immigrants’. Trump, and the Russians, have sewn seeds of discord. This covert alliance wants to see black people go after Latino immigrants. We the People, must UNITE. We are not united. The whole world knows this, but……………..US!

What Wandel could not handle, was the truth our President is guilty of Treason, when he did not respond to the indictment, and do all he could to protect all the American Peoples he swore an oath to protect. If Russia is blackmaing Trump, then he should immediately resign, and turn over the fate our nation to We the People who must untite behind the truth our elections were violated by a foreign power.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser told an international audience that the evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 American election is beyond dispute. H.R. McMaster was answering a question from a Russian delegate, shortly after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov left the same stage at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

Now that Kehinde Wiley has been honored by President Obama, I suggest he lead a counter attack against Russia, where he lived. What most people do not know, that Operation Barbarossa, was made up of troops all over Europe. Hitler was offering white people land, after the poor Slavic vermin were exterminated. They were not pretty enough. There family trees were not good enough. They were not fit to mate with the Aryan race. I see giant canvases gifted to the Russian People, honoring their humble roots, that the Romanovs utterly ignored. There won’t be a black person in sight. But, the message is the same. Putin is restoring the Monarchy!

I am going to send the Zorthian pic to the Smithsonian.

Wylie has painted black men with boats by the sea, a new look. In 1970 I stood transfixed before the ship my great, great, great grandfather captained. I had talked to a sailor on board that told me he is real navy. He was polishing the brass ships bell. I was Anti-war. I was drafted, but did not serve. I would serve on this ship, on my knees swabbing the deck. Until then, I felt like a Man without a Country. I see a young black man standing where I stood.

Jon Presco

Anti-Slavism, also known as Slavophobia, a form of racism, refers to various negative attitudes towards Slavic peoples, the most common manifestation being claims of inferiority of Slavic nations with respect to other ethnic groups. Its opposite is Slavophilia. Anti-Slavism reached its highest peak during World War II, when Nazi Germany declared Slavs, especially neighboring Poles to be subhuman and planned to exterminate the majority of Slavic people.[1]

Born of Armenian parents on April 14, 1911, in Kütahya, Western Anatolia, Ottoman Empire, Zorthian escaped through Europe with the remnants of his family after two waves of political massacres, and arrived in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1923. He earned a Master of Fine Arts at Yale University (where he had a “full college scholarship to the Yale School of fine arts”)[1] and studied art in Italy in the 1930s. Returning to the United States during the Great Depression, he painted several massive murals, including 11 for the Tennessee State Capitol in 1938 which earned him the honorary title of “Colonel“. In 1940, he painted the mural at the United States Post Office in St. Johnsville, New York titled “Early St. Johnsville Pioneers.”[2]

At issue is a single panel from a 22-panel mural in Woodburn Hall on the Bloomington campus, which depicts a cross burning in front of a church and several Klansmen dressed in white robes — one carrying a U.S. flag.

Indiana University historian James Capshew told The Indianapolis Star that the panel, titled “Parks, the Circus, the Klan, the Press,” by artist Thomas Hart Benton, is a comment on the KKK’s political strength in Indiana in the early 1920s.

The panel, which has been on campus since 1941, reportedly celebrates the Indianapolis Times for its role in exposing the KKK and breaking its stronghold in the state.

But a petition seeking its removal says it’s a symbol of “hate and intolerance” and must be removed. The petition’s creator, alumna Jacquline Barrie, said she thinks the mural would be better suited in a museum environment. The petition had gathered more than 1,100 signatures as of Friday afternoon.

  1. Edmond Russell Preston married Julia Jackson, granddaughter of Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). (In Brown’s “The Preston Family”, he indicates that Edmond R. Preston died young.)

Thomas Hart Benton, Cotton Pickers, 1945

Oil on canvas, 81.3 x 121.9 cm

Prior bequest of Alexander Stewart; Centennial Major Acquisitions Income and Wesley M. Dixon Jr. funds; Roger and J. Peter McCormick Endowments; prior acquisition of the George F. Harding

(c) Benton Testamentary Trusts/UMB Bank Trustee/VAGA, NY/DACS, London 2016

Col. William Preston 1730-1783
Smithfield Prestons

Col. William Preston, only son of John Preston and Elizabeth Patton, was born in Lima Vaddy, Ireland and died in Montgomery County, Virginia. He came to this country with his parents in 1738. He was born 12-25-1730 and died 7-28-1783. He married Susanna Smith of Hanover County Virginia on July 17, 1761. She was born 1-4-1739 and died 6-19-1823.

Sources: “The Family Tree” by Mary Preston Gray 1980-1984, “The Preston Genealogy” edited by L. A. Wilson under the direction of William Bowker Preston pub. 1900 and “The Preston Family” compiled by John Mason Brown 1870.

William built his home called “Smithfield” in what is now Blacksburg, Virginia. The original name of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University was Olin and Preston Institute, named after William Preston, then Virginia A&M and finally Virginia Tech.

Susanna was the daughter of Francis Smith and Elizabeth Waddy, granddaughter of Capt. William Smith and Elizabeth Ballard. Elizabeth Waddy was the daughter of Anthony Waddy and Sarah Parke of New Kent County, Virginia.

Another source shows different dates for many of the dates shown on this page as follows:

Susanna Smith b.1-23-1740 or 1-4-1739 ?, John Preston born at Greenfield, Botetourt Co., 5-2-1764 or 5-12-1764, William Preston was born at Greenfield 9-5-1770 or 9-3-1770, Susanna Preston born at Greenfield 10-7-1772 or 2-12-1769 (looks like confusion with Ann Preston – I didn’t show a date but other source has 2-12-1769, she died at 13 years of age.), Mary Preston born at Smithfield 9-29-1776 or 10-7-1772 ?, Letitia Preston born at Smithfield 9-29-1779 or 9-29-1776 ?, and Thomas Lewis Preston born at Smithfield 8-19-1781 or 1780. My source was Mary Preston Gray’s “The Family Tree” and the other source is from the Preston Family Bible, #26190 at the Library of Virginia. At the time it was photocopied it was in the possession of N. Floyd Holmes in Florida. What is confusing is Mary Preston Gray refers to this document so she obiously knew it existed and since her livelyhood was genealogy, I would ass-ume she used it. Any comments on these dates would be appreciated, especially those several years apart. The new information was provided by Carolyn M. McDaniel.

William and Susanna Smith had twelve (12) children:

    1. Elizabeth Preston b.5-31-1762 d. 2-4-1837 m. William Madison (1753-1782) on 1-1-1778 at Smithfield. They had two daughters.
    2. John Preston b. 5-12-1764 d. 3-27-1827, a member of the legislature and for many years Treasurer of Virginia. First to Miss Mary Radford of Richmond. They had 5 children. Secondly he married Miss. Elizabeth Carrington Mayo. They had one son.
    3. Gen. Francis Smith Preston born at Smithfield 8-2-1765 and died in Columbia, SC at the home of his son, Hon. William C. Preston, 5-26-1835. He married Sarah Buchanan Campbell, daughter of Gen. William Campbell on Jan. 10, 1793. Sarah was born 4-21-1778 and died 7-23-1846. They had 15 children.
    4. Sarah Preston was born at “Greenfield” on May 3, 1767. She married Col. James McDowell of Rockbridge Co., Va., an officer in the war of 1812, and they had three children:
      • James McDowell married Susan Preston, a cousin and daughter of Gen. Francis Preston. James McDowell became Governor of Virginia 1843-1846, a member of Congress 1846-1851. See Gen. Francis Preston for info on their 9 children.
      • Susan S. McDowell married William Taylor of Alexander, Va., a lawyer and member of Congress from Virginia. They had 6 children:
        • James McDowell Taylor, unmarried.
  • Robert Taylor m. Miss Elizabeth McNaught and they had 3 children:
  • Susan M. Taylor.
  • Maggie Taylor.
  • Robert Taylor.
  • Susan Taylor m. John B. Weller, of Ohio, a member of Congress from Ohio (1839-1845) afterwards a United States Senator from California and Governor of California. He also served as the United States Minister to Mexico. They had 2 children:
  • William T. Weller died unmarried.
  • John B. Weller, Jr.
  • Edmonia Taylor m. Mr. Levy of Portsmouth, VA and they had 2 children.
  • William Taylor moved to California.
  • Thomas B. Taylor m. a daughter of Rev. N. L. Rice. They had 3 children.
      • Elizabeth McDowell married Hon. Thomas Hart Benton, senator from Missouri, who held a continuous term of 30 years in the US Senate. They had 6 children:
        • Eliza P. Benton m. William Cary Jones a lawyer of New Orleans. After he died she moved to San Francisco. They had 3 children:
  • Betty Jones
  • Benton Jones
          • Cary Jones
        • Jessie Benton married Major Gen. John C. Fremont, explorer of the Rocky Mtns, and first Republican candidate for President of the United States. They had 3 children:
  • Lily Fremont.
  • Charles Fremont.
          • Frank P. Fremont.
        • Sarah Benton married Richard T. Jacob, Colonel of United States volunteers, member of the Legislature and Lieutenant-Governor of Kentucky. They had 2 children:
  • Leila Jacob m. her relative, D. V. Woolley, of Lexington, KY.
  • Richard Jacob, Jr. Lt. in US Army.
  • Randolph Benton died unmarried.
        • McDowell Benton died as a youth.
        • Susan V. Benton married Baron Gauldree Boilleau, French Minister to Peru. They had 8 children:
  • Elizabeth Boilleau dead bef.1870.
  • Benton Boilleau.
  • Charles Boilleau dead bef.1870.
  • Desiree Boilleau dead bef.1870.
  • Philip Boilleau.
  • Claude Boilleau dead bef.1870.
  • Augustine Boilleau dead bef.1870.
          • Mary Boilleau.
    1. Ann Preston, born at ‘Greenfield’, Botetourt County, Va., died at 13 years of age.
    2. Susanna Preston b. 2-12-1769 d. 6-25-1833, born at ‘Greenfield’ and died at ‘Smithfield’. She married Nathaniel Hart of Kentucky and they had 7 children.
      • Letitia Hart
      • Sally Hart
      • Nathaniel Hart II
      • Louisiana Hart
      • William Hart
      • Virginia Hart
      • Mary Hart
    3. William Preston b. 9-3-1770 d. 1-29-1821, born at ‘Greenfield’. He became a Captain in General Wayne’s Army, probably in his expedition against the Indians. He resided in Louisville, Ky. He married Miss Caroline Hancock and they had 6 children.
      • Henrietta Preston married Albert Sidney Johnston who commanded he army that invaded Utah in 1857, known as “Johnston’s Army” and who afterwards was killed, April 6, 1862, while General In Command of the Confederate forces at the battle of Shiloh. They had 2 children:
  • William Preston Johnston, a Col. in the Confederate Army, confidential Aide to President Jefferson Davis, and a Professor at Washington College in Virginia. He married Miss Rosa Duncan of Natchez and they had 6 children:
  • Mary Johnston
  • Henrietta Johnston
  • Rosa Johnston
  • Albert Sidney Johnston
  • Margaret P. Johnston
  • Caroline Johnston
        • Henrietta Johnston, unmarried.
      • Caroline Preston married Abram Woolley , later a Colonel in the Union Army, they had one child, Abram Preston Woolley who died unmarried. (Another source shows their child to be William Preston Woolley, also died unmarried.)
      • Josephine Preston married Capt. Jasine Rogers who became a Captain in the Union Army. They had 5 children:
  • William Preston Rogers m. Sophia L. Ranney, of Louisville, KY. They had 3 children:
  • Josephine Rogers
  • Adeline Rogers
  • Ella R. Rogers
  • Susan Rogers m. J. Watson Barr, a lawyer of Louisville, KY. They had 5 children:
  • Anna W. Barr
  • John W. Barr
  • Caroline H. Barr
  • Susan R. Barr
  • Jason R. Barr
  • Sidney Johnston Rogers m. Belle Brent, dau. of T. Y. Brent of Louisville, KY.
  • Maria P. Rogers m. her relative, Dr. Thos. P. Satterwhite, of Louisville, KY. They had 3 children:
  • Lilly Satterwhite
  • Thomas P. Satterwhite
  • Preston P. Satterwhite
        • Jason Rogers, Jr. died in youth.
      • William Preston Jr., born near Louisville, Ky. Oct 16, 1816, married a relative, Margaret Wyckliffe (also spelled Wickliffe), daughter of Robert Wyckliffe, of Lexington, Ky. He died Sept. 21, 1867. He was a lawyer, became a member of the Constitutional Convention of Kentucky, a Congressman from that state 1852-53; Lt. Col. of the Kentucky Volunteers in the Mexican War, Minister to the Court of Spain in 1858-61, and a Major-General in the Confederate Army. William and Margaret had 5 children:
        1. Mary Owen Preston who married John Mason Brown a relative, a colonel of Cavalry in the Union Army, a lawyer of distinction and a genealogist.
        2. Caroline H. Preston married Robert A. Thornton a lawyer of Lexington, KY.
        3. Margaret H. Preston who married George M. Davis.
        4. Robert Wickliffe Preston who married Miss McDowell.
        5. Jessie Freemont (or Fremont) Preston who married Mr. Draper.
      • Susan Preston married first Howard Christy, of St. Louis, MO, and second H. P. Hepburn of San Francisco but had no issue.
      • Maria Preston married John Pope of Louisville, Ky. No issue.
    1. Mary Preston b. 10-7-1772 d. 2-24-1824 born at ‘Greenfield’ and died at her home in Sweet Springs, West Virginia. She married Capt. John Lewis of Sweet Springs, b 8-24-1758 d. 6-5-1823. They married Oct 1793 and had 9 children.
    2. James Patton Preston b. 6-21-1774 d. 5-4-1843 born at Smithfield. He married Miss Nancy Taylor of Norfolk, Va. on June 13, 1801. He was Governor of Virginia, 1816-1819. They had 6 children.
    3. Letitia Preston b. 9-29-1776. She married Gov. John Floyd (Governor of Virginia 1830-1834) and they had 9 children. See her memoirs under Documents
    4. Thomas Lewis Preston b. 8-19-1780 d. 8-12-1812. An attorney at law, became Attorney-General of the United States, a member of the Virginia Legislature and a Major in the War of 1812. He married Miss Edmonia Randolf, dau. of Edmond Randolf (or Randolph). He was buried in the Presbyterian Church yard in Lexington, Va. They had 2 children.
      1. Elizabeth R. Preston married William A. Cocke, of Cumberland, Virginia and they had 4 sons:
  • William A. Cocke fell at the battle of Gettysburg.
  • Thomas L. P. Cocke married his cousin Letitia P. Lewis and they had 2 children:
  • Letitia P. Cocke
  • A son died in infancy.
  • Edmond R. Cocke, unmarried.
        • John Preston Cocke, unmarried.
      1. John Thomas Lewis Preston married first Sally Carruthers (Caruthers ?) of Lexington, Va. and second Margaret Junkin also of Lexington, the poetess. Margaret Junkin’s sister married ‘Stonewall Jackson’. John Preston became a colonel in the Confederate Army and a professor in the Virginia Military Institute. John and Sally had 7 children:
        1. Edmonia R. Preston died young.
        2. Thomas Lewis Preston who married Lucy Waddell and became a minister. They had 3 children.
        3. William C. Preston who was killed while serving in the Confederate Army.
        4. Phebe A. Preston unmarried.
        5. Francis Preston unmarried.
        6. Edmond Russell Preston married Julia Jackson, granddaughter of Thomas Jonathan Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). (In Brown’s “The Preston Family”, he indicates that Edmond R. Preston died young.)
        7. John T. L. Preston.

John had by his second wife, Margaret Junkin, two children:

      1. George J. Preston.
      2. a son.
  1. Margaret Brown Preston (“Peggie”) b. 2-23-1784 d. 5-4-1843. Born at Smithfield seven months after her fathers death. She married Col. John Preston b 7-8-1781 d. 10–1864 in 1802. Col. John Preston is of the Walnut Grove Prestons. They had 14 children.

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