Cash Awards For Shooters

The reason why the FBI and others did not act in stopping Cruz, was he owns Civil Rights. What I suggest is CASH REWARDS be given to maniacs who want to commit mass murder. If you can prove you are a “professional school shooter” before you shoot up a school, you are awarded $50,000 dollars, after you surrender your guns, and sign an agreement not to buy another gun. You also agree to have a chip planted under your skin, so your whereabouts can be known at all times, especially when you get near a school. An alarm will go off, alerting the armed school guard.

For those cooks who are full of destructive daring-do, you can get a Ass Bomb implant, that will explode if you get near a school.

A Shooter website will be created where wanna-be killers can brag about their weapons, they wish they owned, and their desire to mow down innocent people. There will be trophies and ribbons awarded. There will be an honor system where if you turn in a fellow shooter who is going to kill, for sure, you get a $25,000 dollar reward!

Everyone who tries out for a CASH AWARD has to submit proof they are sincere. Not everyone will qualify. Those who do, will be amongst the Elite. I suggest a couple nights stay at a Trump tower near you, with babes and a hot tub.

Jon Presco


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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