Some Reborns Can See the Future

Truth appears to be the glue of the universe. It is more than a substance, and, even a element. When a child and a elderly person hear the truth, they perk up. They litghen up, and raise their hands. We expect The Truth when we are  born, and, when we are about to die. We are all attached to the truth like leaves on a vine. When we hear lies, we wilt. We slump over, and want to die. To be separated from The Truth, is a living death. Why, and how do liars prosper? Liars are destroyers of The Truth, and we keep paying them The Ransom. I will show you how to go to The Truth – directly!

Rosamond Press


I believe The End is near. I was always psychic. After my death, and return, I could see what was coming. Also, I am bleeding. Blood clots are not letting me urinate. I might be in the hospital by midnight. I thought about authoring a Last Message, but, computers and my blog will no longer exist. I see a nuclear war between Russia and Germany.

Jesus died so he could be revived and be a Seer into the future. The Children of God, and the Kingdom of God, had been conquered by Roman Pigs. Those Romans – are back. Did Jesus find A WAY to the future, and, go there, taking believers in such a thing – with him? What modern date…………did they arrive?

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Can A Born Again Christian Be Psychic / What Does Jesus Say About Psychics? by pastormustwacc: 6:13pm On Oct 26, 2012

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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