Some Reborns Can See the Future


I believe The End is near. I was always psychic. After my death, and return, I could see what was coming. Also, I am bleeding. Blood clots are not letting me urinate. I might be in the hospital by midnight. I thought about authoring a Last Message, but, computers and my blog will no longer exist. I see a nuclear war between Russia and Germany.

Jesus died so he could be revived and be a Seer into the future. The Children of God, and the Kingdom of God, had been conquered by Roman Pigs. Those Romans – are back. Did Jesus find A WAY to the future, and, go there, taking believers in such a thing – with him? What modern date…………did they arrive?

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

Can A Born Again Christian Be Psychic / What Does Jesus Say About Psychics? by pastormustwacc: 6:13pm On Oct 26, 2012

This is another of my field of interests. Now where is orikinla to shed light on this issue. It is very very possible that i am a psychic. And if this is true, then i can tell that there are other psychics on this board – because i “might” be able to read psi energy from posts of other psychics.

You dont need to believe that actually because it was likely to be because i have been smoking garri mixed with cannabis.

Okay, let us get down to the thread. Now where them born again christians dey make them start to talk.

These are things that they dont usually talk about in churches – forbidden taboos (they will rather talk about tithes). And yet many christians have done psychic readings from time to time, even pastors self when in some mess seek assistance from psychics, and sometimes soccerers.

What do faith-based researchers say about the psychic world? Most see it as a form of self-gratification.
For example, individuals, unable to deal with the loss of a loved one, want to reconnect via psychics to relieve this grief.
People also seek out psychics to help them with their career, love life or turmoil.

A psychic, by standard dictionary definition, is someone able to communicate with the spiritual world. The term is used to include mediums; someone channeled by the dead to communicate with the living.
Some psychics merely perceive things not “picked up” by normal senses like sight, smell, hearing and touch. Others claim to predict future events. In short, their events are unexplainable by natural or physical laws.

In the Bible, Christianity’s holy book, God uses several spiritual messengers. Followers were visited by angels, saw visions and had dreams delivering edicts and foretelling future events. Prophets, too, delivered heavenly messages and predicted future events.

Did spiritual messengers end in biblical times? Most Christian authorities say “yes.” They believe messages of a spiritual nature come from God, not deceased relatives, and are delivered via prayer or lessons learned. Cult specialist and V.P. of Christian Information Ministries Russ Wise says psychics attempt to “be as or like God” and lead people into “spiritual darkness.”

So, what does Jesus say about psychics? The Bible is laced with directives to avoid psychics and other unholy messengers. But these words come from Moses, the Apostle John and other authors. The words are not directly from Jesus.

In Christianity, Jesus receives his orders, as do all believers, from God. Though mentioned in the New Testament, scriptures quoting God’s orders to avoid psychics are primarily part of the Old Testament prior Jesus’ birth. Since the Bible indicates Jesus did not sin against God, we must assume he followed God’s orders.

Versus like Deuteronomy 18:10-11 issue directives stating no citizen may “practice black magic, or call on the evil spirits for aid, or be a fortune teller, or be a serpent charmer, medium, or wizard, or call forth the spirits of the dead.”

Many biblical scriptures reference psychics and similar mediums. Leviticus 20:6 indicates those seeking consultation of mediums will be isolated from their community. In 1 John 4:1-3, people are warned about “false prophets,” and in 2 Chronicles 33:6 mankind is told those who consult psychics anger God. The Old Testament threatened psychics with the punishment of death.

The world’s fascination with psychics has caused some skeptics to demand proof. Professional magician James Randi regularly “debunks” psychic activity by showing how the farce is conducted.

Cash incentives have even attempted to lure psychics into proving their craft. Scientific American, in 1922, offered $5,000 to those able to confirm their psychic abilities. Though some were tested, all proved false and the money was never collected. Similarly, James Randi put up 1 million dollars for anyone demonstrating legitimate psychic abilities. Similar challenges were issued in Austrailia, New Zealand and the UK.

Read more: What Does Jesus Say About Psychics?

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    Truth appears to be the glue of the universe. It is more than a substance, and, even a elien. When a child and a elder person hear the truth, they perk up. They litghen up, and raise their hands. We are all attached to the truth like leaves on a vine. When we hear lies, we wilt. We slump over, and want to die.

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