Rabid She-Thing For Jesus

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Sarah-Palin22Sarah Palin is my daughter’s idol because this is required of her ever since she fell in love with a rabid Tea Party Dog. There is not a religious bone in Heather Hanson, who grew up around rich kids in Sonoma, and wanted to be like them. Heather loves any Them vs. Us situation that feeds her narcissism because she is stupid and does not want to know anything.

Vicki listens to another Christian She-Thing on the radio, and is stupid and untalented. These rabid dogs for God are a new species, born out the anus of German Fascism. They behold Jesus as a Vain Mirror, Jesus used to put on their bloody make-up, their holy war-paint as they go after this one, then that one – in the NAME of JESUS! Jesus is the source of narcissistic supply to creatures like Sarah.

Jon Presco

“This woman has singlehandedly destroyed…

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