Grooming My Daughter And Grandson

What I got in the mail was proof Stacey Pierrot is a fraud – a fake! I can now go right down the line. This blog contains four novels – at least! Rena is the authentic archetype. She is Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. Hillary Clinton Let Him Stay. Women Say His Harassment Continued.
A woman who worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign complained about touching, inappropriate comments, and an untenable work environment created by her boss, a faith and values adviser. He was punished, but not fired, by Clinton. Six years later, he landed the top job at a pro-Clinton super PAC, where staffers say his behavior wasn’t any different.

Rosamond Press

I might not have ever beheld my grandson, if it were not for the evil truth, Linda Comstock was furious Heather was keeping the child of a man she felt was way beneath her, and, sexy aunt Linda great expectations. Drunken Linda was GROOMING a minor child to be THE WIFE of one of her and her husband’s RICH FREINDS, who had seen my daughter floating about the yacht in her sexy bikini. Heather told me, with a smile;

“We call Linda a ‘Gold Digger’ because she married a man thirty years older then her – for his money!”

So, after Shamus Dundon makes a slip and tells me Heather has formed a bond with her other aunt, Vicki Presco, I make calls to my Disappeared Daughter, who is no longer a minor, and leave several long messages. She picks up. Linda and her Drunken Pig-Man have blackballed her. No…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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