Four White Rosamond Women

The Dragon and the woman with child, is near!

Rosamond Press

The name ROSAMOND is key in establishing a white identity in the world.

Rosamond Queen of the Lombards plays a crucial role in converting the Lombards – who worshipped Freya and Woden – into followers of Paul’s ‘White Messiah’ – after the Lombards ravaged Rome as Rome ravaged the Jews and their Temple. Paul the Deacon employs fictions and reality to depict conquerors of the White Judaic God in Rome, as Good Christian converts.

When the Lombard rulers of Italy kept their pagan Raider ways, Queen Rosamonde is married to Pharamonde King of Franks, who put the Lombards in their place with the help of the Pope in Ravena, thus the White Jesus is back on His throne in Rome.

When the Pope sees Queen Eleanor as a pagan due to her troubadours and practice of Courtly Love, King Henry puts her aside for Fair Roamond who descends from Rollo…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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