The Last Muse

Yesterday, Donald did Uncle Samaclaus at a Farmer’s Ho-down, then, went to a college football game so he could sing the national anthem and show the world he’s not afraid of big bad and black pro-players. This is High Noon.

Leonnig reports that Trump is eager to sit down with Mueller’s team in an effort to clear his name, but his lawyers are understandably more cautious. They would like to set parameters for the discussion and possibly respond to certain questions via written answers, as former president Ronald Reagan did with Iran-contra.

In her letter Rena said I was “left-leaning” and bid me not to be hard on ranchers. The Pussy Grabbing Party’ was real nice to ranchers, and is treating them with kid gloves.
“The bill is very positive for agriculture,” Wolff said. “Farmers and ranchers were very vocal about telling their members of Congress what was important to them.”
How many farmers and ranchers are there in America?………….20,000!

Who saw this coming? The cost to the taxpayers to police the wild ideas of these armed men, must be enormous. They should be sued to recover costs.
“The county should be recognized as the seat of power for the people, and the sheriff is to be the “ONLY LEGAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!” all healthy men between the ages of eighteen and forty-five who are not in the military could be mobilized into a posse comitatus to redress their grievances, Gale explained.

Rosamond Press


There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse.” 
~ Sappho

With the rebirth of ‘Daughter Dead’ we have arrived at The Dance of the Last Muse. Belle Burch has the honors to do the last dance that takes the Creative Souls out of here. This is The End. What people do not understand, is, I am not a young man. There is no time left to go shopping for a New Muse, which to most means, I want to get laid, I want to grab more pussy.

The young are buy-off-the-shelf,consumers who do not care to know how things are made. They don’t have a clue how artists, make, brand, and label just about everything. When I go to google news, I see articles on Godzilla, Star Wars, The Labyrinth, Beauty and the Beast, and, the latest Dan Brown flick. I have covered these…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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