Hefner’s Heirs Can’t Become Drunks & Addicts

The Blast obtained a copy of the Playboy magnate’s trust. In it, there’s a section titled “Substance Abuse.” There, Hugh specifies that if any of his beneficiaries turn to the bottle or drugs, they are cut off.”

Fifteen years ago I wrote a long an eloquent letter to the ACLU asking them to stop the sale of my families’ Creative and Sober Legacy to outsiders because Christine and my Recovery Program will be needed to save the lives of our children and grandchildren – and their children. This letter was sent two years before my daughter, and her alcoholic kin, came into my life and destroyed our Recovery Story because they wanted to mate with, and get drunk with – drunks!

Christine and I were brother and sister in AA. Hugh’s Trust will be evidence in the lawsuits I will bring against the Destructive Addicts who sought to exploit us.

Here again we have a Beauty verses The Beast theme.Christine Rosamond Benton made millions clipping models out of fashion magazines and broadcasting them on a canvas. Hugh made millions putting naked women in his magazine. Trump made money from his beauty pageants.  Heather Hanson, and her drunken aunt, Linda Comstock, destroyed Christine and my sober biography. They took my grandson from me when I failed to fork over money to them.

Jon Presco


Even in death, Hugh Hefner is making sure his loved ones stay on the straight and narrow… that is, if they want a piece of his fortune.

The Blast obtained a copy of the Playboy magnate’s trust. In it, there’s a section titled “Substance Abuse.” There, Hugh specifies that if any of his beneficiaries turn to the bottle or drugs, they are cut off.

He stipulates that a beneficiary’s access to the trust will be terminated if that person “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance, or is clinically dependent upon the use of alcohol or any other legal drug.” The trustees, he said, will determine if a person is adhering to his request.

There are five people listed as beneficiaries to his estate: His kids — David, Kristy, Cooper and Marsden — and also his widow, Crystal Harris.

The trust said that heirs can even request a drug test if they suspect a fellow heir of abusing drugs or alcohol. The Blast said that a person could earn their distribution privileges back if they attend treatment, are sober for a year and are responsible enough to take care of themselves.

More than 63,600 lives were lost to drug overdose in 2016, the most lethal year yet of the drug overdose epidemic, according to a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of those deaths involved opioids, a family of painkillers including illicit heroin and fentanyl as well as legally prescribed medications such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. In 2016 alone, 42,249 US drug fatalities — 66% of the total — involved opioids, the report says. That’s over a thousand more than the 41,070 Americans who die from breast cancer every year.


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