Ian’s Work Ruined

A woman Diplomat has resigned! I told you so! Who saw this coming? Folks thought I had gone insane with this fixation on Rena. I suspect Trump’s evangelical guides want to see their missionaires solving world problems. I believe the end of the world is at hand! “With each passing day, however, this task grows more futile, driving the Department’s experienced and talented staff away in ever greater numbers,” she wrote.
Her former colleagues said her departure — and the sentiments expressed in her letter — reflect a wider exodus of midcareer diplomats who have lost confidence in Tillerson’s management and the Trump administration’s approach toward diplomacy.
“She’s emblematic of what we’re losing across the board,” said one of Shackelford’s former State Department colleagues. “She is the best among us. We should not be losing the best among us. And that should concern people that we are,” the former colleague said.
In her letter, Shackelford said she was leaving with a “heavy heart” as she recognized the potential of the State Department’s mission. She said she was “shocked” when Tillerson appeared to cast doubt on the importance of human rights in remarks to department employees on May 3.
The State Department’s role in internal government debates also had “diminished,” she wrote, with the White House handing over authority to the Pentagon to shape the country’s foreign policy. Meanwhile, unfilled vacancies and proposed budget and staffing cuts had left the department adrift, with weakened influence inside the administration and on the ground, she wrote. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/diplomat-rips-tillerson-trump-administration-in-resignation-letter/ar-BBGvhoH?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp


Rosamond Press

I told you so! I tried to warn you! All my friends and family – betrayed me!

Sir Ian Easton rolled over in his grave when he saw Trump betraying U.S. Intelligence from foreign soil. Who saw this coming. Well! Above is a photo of me taken before Bush got us in a war with ‘The Axis of Evil’. He was employing Reagan’s term ‘The Evil Empire’ to describe Russia. When Sarah Palin was in town, I went and saw with a light-sabre in my belt. I shouted up at her hotel window;

“I am the Evil One, not President Obama! You took my job and gave it away! I want my old job back! Give back my Evil Empire – of the White Anti-Christ!”

I had everyone around me in stitches as I waved around my Darth Vader light-sabre.

I depicted Rena as Britannia and Hellen of Troy. Admiral…

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