The Burning of Witch No. 9

I was susposed to have gone to New York City and visited Christine who I have known for fifty years. Then, she freaked me out. We talked about Death following me, and, I can’t go anwhere. Then, that crazy drove on to the bike path that Christine crosses to bury her dead cats.

Rosamond Press


What folks don’t realize is that WE conjured up something from nothing. All of my family and several ex-friends, suggest WE all forget about those parasitical days, and return to work, where THEY excelled – NOT! The Bohemian Rock Artist Sex Scene (BRASS) continues to generate billions of dollars every year. It’s high time our politicians get behind US, and declare US National Treasures……..For we know how to give ISIS the bird!

“Go fuck yourself, you friggen prigs!”

Here is a terrible interview with Franzoni. They should have prepared him days in advance by having him write down the names, places, and dates. WE get old like normal people. He speaks of the Jewish Mafia that is selling Penis Enlargers, and how the salesman they recruited became Hipster, Jazz, Beatnik People. This is exactly why Bin Laden said he blew up the Trade Towers! He didn’t want virginal Arab teenagers trying to enlarge their penises…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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