Fire On The Mountain

This morning I am going to talk about the idea that I am God, or, the Second Coming of Moses, a role Roy Moore has claimed for himself, and, no one can stop him. Not even the President of the United States, who acts like He is God! The Trickster used to walk into the dressing room of the Teen Beauty Contest he owned, and catch seventeen year olds naked, or, half-naked. Consider David and Bathsheba. Evangelicals are saying Trump is King Solomon and David – incarnate. Consider The Burning Bush, and the fact Moses had several wives, he one of the few God-realized beings who had sexual relationships.

There is a good chance I am the embodiment of Joseph of Arimathea. When I began working on my theological novels, I found myself on the Mount of Olives looking down on the Temple. I could hear the voices, and smell the smells of humanity going about their life. This vision lasted for months. I could go there at will.

This morning I talked to a foreign woman at the Meher Baba Center in Myrtle Beach South Carolina about the fire approaching Meher Mount in Ojai. A strong wind blew down the great oak tree that Baba sat under, and, it burned. She said this was a blessing, because there was a hollow cavity fifteen feet up that no one was aware of, and, it might have come down on a group of Baba Lovers. I asked about the rose garden that was spare in the fire of 1985, that toasted the Woodie.

The foreign woman said the fire burned all around the buildings, and they were spared. I told Marilyn my dreams no longer take me into the future, and, I wondered if we have one. The world as we know it may have come to an end, and only a few realize it. Ten years ago I place the Shekinah on Santa Rosa Island. My discourses will emanate from there.

John ‘The Nazarite’

56: The Wanderer

Seasoned travelers know that special decorum is called for when venturing far from home. They must develop a more yielding personality, so that the “local contact,” or host, can open doors and pave the way. Inwardly, the wanderer knows that it is sometimes not so easy to discern the intentions of strangers. Are they hostile, or friendly, or merely opportunistic?

The twin houses of mystery and discovery rule any journey we take. Each new day is launched on a fresh landscape, one that reaches out to grab our attention. Travel is a great teacher, and a great equalizer. There is an art to living on the road. Increased caution and discernment become the keys not only to success, but also to survival.

If you are entering a new environment, be sincere, flexible, and undemanding, rather than stubborn. Get rid of attitudes and habits that could encumber you, or make you too conspicuous. The onset of a great journey is not a favorable time to enter into binding agreements or to start new enterprises. And, though being the wanderer offers you a certain freedom from being judged by your history; you also have no history to fortify you. Pay close attention to local customs, and honor them.

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UPDATE 6 from Sam Ervin: Buzz and Ginger Glasky called last night regarding what they found at Meher Mount that afternoon in the aftermath of the Thomas fire. Interesting note: It’s called the Thomas Fire because it started near St. Thomas Aquinas College a few miles from Meher Mount.

Baba’s Tree:
B&G believe the largest and tallest part of the tree was knocked over by the 80 MPH winds, fell to the ground and then burned in the fire that came up the slope from the South. Buzz thinks the remainder of the tree may survive, though it will be considerably shorter and smaller. He said the part that fell was hollow inside for something like fifteen feet above the hollow at the base, and that it may have been a blessing it happened when no one was under the tree, as it clearly was quite weakened. This tree survived the New Life Fire in 1985, 32 years ago, so it is a survivor. It is Baba’s Tree, so we will see what He has in mind.

The two main buildings are intact, as are their contents, the tractor, etc. They were very smoky inside, and of curse there is no power on the mountain so electrical equipment, including the water system could not yet be tested.

• They could not drive down to the wellhead in the canyon as a large oak had fallen across the road, but there had been serious fire in the canyon from what they could see. The electrical system at the well and the PVC pipe could be damaged.
• The water treatment system by the pool appeared relatively intact, though some PVC pipes had melted holes and the ozonator was burned.
• The large outdoor propane tank was charred underneath but intact and still 75% full.
• The Fire fighters had clearly been there, as there was a ladder against the house and the entry gate had been removed from its hinges.
• It’s clear the fire visited nearly every part of the upper section of the property they saw, and they were amazed at how the fireline seemed to stop at critical points. The huge eucalyptus burned, as did other trees. There remain some hot spots on the property, but Buzz feels they are far enough away not to threaten the structures, even with 70 MPH winds expected again tonight.
• Though the damage appears moderate, considerable repairs and cleanup will be needed, and volunteers would be appreciated.

Buzz and Ginger drove back to Santa Barbara, and will revisit Meher Mount on Friday. They had to show a drivers license with an Upper Ojai address to get access.
I will plan to drive up to view the property on Sunday. When the power is back on, we’ll begin to assess the extent of needed repairs and replacements.

In summary, Meher Mount came through this crisis much better than it might have, and this is due in small part to Buzz and Ginger’s outstanding fire hazard and weed abatement, which was also praised by the Fire Dept. Also, until all hot spots have been eliminated, there will continue to be risk of further damage.

Thank you all for your concern and support through this sudden and for many, devastating, firestorm. We will continue to let you know about what we learn over the next couple of weeks and how you might be able to help.

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