Tales of the Habsburg Cyrpt

My friend Christine confronted Heidi Hatry on her bad manners, she stopping her from giving Stefan Eins a Euro-greeting. Stefan has reponded to my attempts to have ‘The Last Audienence of the Habsburgs’ returned to the Austrian people. The Nazis captured some of Zita’s property.


About the Work
The Politics performance took place on September 11, 2007, at 6am in Central Park (near 106th Street and 5th Avenue)

I skipped down a little hill in wearing a white dress. I had previously placed an American flag sewn together out of untreated pigskin on the ground. l painted the appropriate stripes of the flag with blood. I undressed myself and poured a gallon of pig’s blood over my naked body, covered my bloody body with the flag, and then disappeared up the hill.
This work is a consideration of the relationship of the individual to politics, asserting that the individual, no matter how personally innocent, remains responsible for the guilty actions of her polity; that we, as a country, may be victims and violators at the same time; that the desire for justice may result in acts of injustice and unjustifiable violence. We mantle our “behavior” in the cloak of politics and convince ourselves that our actions are just, but we are in fact covered in the blood we have shed. The state cannot look at itself and see the quality of its actions: that remains the responsibility of its individual citizens.



Rosamond Press


The synchronicity is off the chart! Note the white roses cast on the floor before the Empress who descends from Jeanne de Rougemont. My Rosamond kindred descend from the Rougemonts. Consider my Oddfellows graves that were dug up and evicted from what they thought was their final resting place. Consider the Floral clues I found in search of Beauty. I was following my muse. A mosaic of nine muses has been dug up, and exposed to sunlight for the first time almost two thousand years! Consider Dante’s Inferno and the Descent of Inanna?

Marilyn came over and had me look in the mirror to see my glowing face. Consider the claim that the Habsburgs are Rex Deus, an idea that Dan Brown danced around, that was my study years before ‘The DaVinci Code’ hit the shelves. Consider Orpheus and his beloved wife, Eurydice. I have compared myself to Lazarus. Is…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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