Homeland Security & Buck

Kelly has been working for Dyncorp, and for sure knows Sandi who is on the board of Buck. I wanted to run for Governor in order to harass Roy Moore. I suspect Trump is forming his own army – with Bannon’s help. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/rapid-cuts-to-top-leadership-at-state-department-raises-concern-says-former-ambassador


https://rosamondpress.com/2017/04/25/euro-union-of-the-western-states/ Gen. John Kelly, DHS nominee, has been quietly working for DynCorp
Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Department Homeland Security, retired Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, quietly holds an adviser role at DynCorp International, a position that provided the bulk of his income over the last year, new disclosures show.
The DynCorp position is not listed on the company website and news archives show no information about Kelly’s work for the contractor.
DynCorp did not respond to a request for comment. Kelly’s financial disclosure form, published today by the Office of Government Ethics, shows that Kelly began working at the firm as an advisor in June 2016, only five months after retiring from his position as the commander of U.S. Southern Command.

Rosamond Press

Beyrl Buck had no intention of establishing an all-powerful foundation associated with Rubar Sandi, Dynocorp, and Homeland Security which may be employed by Trump to round-up illegal Mexican aliens, and place them on the other side of a trillion dollar wall.

I will be keeping my Congressman, Peter DeFazio, informed about my Copyright being ignored, and my family sanctity being violated by an agent of Heisinger, Morris, and Buck. This TRESPASS has prevented me from revealing vital aspects of my Recovery Programs that would save lives. With DeFazio overseeing my rights, I will now proceed with the miracle that helped me SAVE MY LIFE! Millions of people need to save their life.

Yesterday I shared my information with several activist groups in the downtown Eugene Celebration. I pointed out the building where Frank Buck had his headquarters.  This California Congressman helped pass legislation that favored his capitalist adventures. His brother…

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