Kimbo And Wade

There are very few people who can follow things to a logical conclussion. For some reason we need at least one person to help do this. It was my neighbor who suggested exiting from our bedrooms, out the front door, is about the same distance from making egress out our windows. It is six feet to my window, and six feet to my door. If I go out my window, I got a thirteen foot drop to safety. You do the math. I do not own an air conditioner. I don’t know why I got that macabre letter that gave me nightmares. It destroyed common sense in a Kafkaish manner. It gave me the impression I must go shopping – in case of a fire! Thanks friend, for showing me the way. You are priceless!

Rosamond Press

Kimbo and Wade

The Tale of the Lost Cellphone


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


Detective Sargent Kimbo O’Connorstien, looked young for her age. If you have to know, she is thirty-eight. When she was sixteen she used a fake Israeli passport she purchased from Hamas, to enter the Miss America Beauty Pageant, held in New York in 1996. While changing in the dressing room, she was accosted by a man whom she wants to remain anonymous. He abused her. He shamed her. He made her believe she was not worthy. She came to believe being beautiful put her on the wrong path, the path to meet The Big Bad Wolf’.

After discovering her beautiful interior, she changed her outward appearance. This was more than a protest, and a show of rebellion. At eighteen she was known as the World’s Foremost Skeptic. She was Queen of the Trolls on the internet…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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