With Tanuki the Mettaya

The evidence Russian Hackers posed as Americans in order to hurt the Democrats ( made up of minorities) and put the white Republicans in power, is a direct attack on the Bohemian Culture and History I have been compiling in this blog. Black culture has its own watchdogs, as does the black church and choirs. These watchdogs failed to see what was coming. I have been in numerous cyber-battles where it was evident I was up against a gang of folks on computers, who posted retorts in seconds. I have accused people of being in the basement of a church with a gang of do-gooders doing battle for Jesus. The Gideon Computer has come true. The authentic facebook and twitter human being show is underway. https://rosamondpress.com/2016/08/09/the-holy-happy-hand-clappy-people/

Rosamond Press


With Tanuki the Mettaya

A Film-Poem

by Jon Presco

Thursday I asked to see the Buddha for I felt his presence. Then, she appear, the Buddha – in female form? There were two other witnesses. She had a little black dog that stuck its nose inside the restaurant. My server, Chelsea, told me about the raccoon deity that were inside the wooden crate from Japan along with the watercolors of Japanese poets. I have never been more amazed. This crate was won if a auction, it’s contents – unknown! When a metal crowbar slipped into the slats of wood, and with the sound of screeching nails, out pour a pack of raccoon dogs that are now found all over the place where I, and other poets, used to read our poems. We have need for a true Hobo Poet. It’s time for a showdown, a real High Noon.

Tanuki is…

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