With Tanuki the Mettaya


With Tanuki the Mettaya

A Film-Poem

by Jon Presco

Thursday I asked to see the Buddha for I felt his presence. Then, she appear, the Buddha – in female form? There were two other witnesses. She had a little black dog that stuck its nose inside the restaurant. My server, Chelsea, told me about the raccoon deity that were inside the wooden crate from Japan along with the watercolors of Japanese poets. I have never been more amazed. This crate was won if a auction, it’s contents – unknown! When a metal crowbar slipped into the slats of wood, and with the sound of screeching nails, out pour a pack of raccoon dogs that are now found all over the place where I, and other poets, used to read our poems. We have need for a true Hobo Poet. It’s time for a showdown, a real High Noon.

Tanuki is a shape-shifter She will take everything from me, included my Little Enlightenment I just achieved. She smiles and gives me a wave, after giving me the Big Enlightenment. Bryce talked me into going to Blue River in Big Blue, to see the meteor shower.


When I came down from the mountain Marilyn Reed had left a message on my time line. She found the gifts within the gift I gave her for her first sober birthday. But, it is too late. We may never speak, or see one another again. She left me out of her movie, and, by leaving her out of my movie, she becomes one of the stars. So, what is the solution?

Our movie, is at an end. The movie of Tanuki, the Three Hobo Japanese Poets, and the Message of the Mettaya, lie forever between us. For, I identified the Majestic Voice that we are all born with, that we test with Pure Love and Truth, that we swear we will never lose, but, we do. We do. We betray this voice. We betray our First Love.

However, sometimes everything is taken from someone…….everything! When this is the case – you get Mettaya. There exist – proof! From the trickster who stole the sole of a shoe, come the Great Loyalty.

“Be the crystal voice of inner truth. Be true to yourself.”

“While dusting and cleaning , there it was this beautiful vase and something jingles.Inside are two treasures a metal Bee an crystal. My memory is stirred and I want to thank you. This was a gift from you for my 1st sober Xmas birthday in 10 years. This is a very dear and thoughtful gift Thank you”


She came in disguise. She took pride in being a Trickster, a Shape-shifter, for, she is my final temptation. For, if I deny her Enlightenment, I am not a candidate for the Mettaya.

Only after setting up my new office, where I can conduct business in Peace and Harmony, will the Buddha come again. When I beheld my table next to the window, and when my server appoached, I told her;

“This is my office away from home. Here I will write a column twice a month. How perfect!”

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

“I cover the waterfront.”

“According to Buddhist scripture, Gautama predicted that at some
future time another Buddha would come to help men set up an ideal
kingdom of righteousness and peace. The coming Buddha is called
Mettaya, (Sanskrit: Maitreya) meaning “love.”


Play first video by itself. Then play second video with first. Play last two with sound down.Experiment. In the end you will see the Buddha.






will lose their doubts, and the torrents of their cravings will be cut off: free from all misery they will manage to cross the ocean of becoming; and, as a result of Maitreya’s teachings, they will lead a holy life. No longer will they regard anything as their own, they will have no possession, no gold or silver, no home, no relatives! But they will lead the holy life of oneness under Maitreya’s guidance. They will have torn the net of the passions, they will manage to enter into trances, and theirs will be an abundance of joy and happiness, for they will lead a holy life under Maitreya’s guidance.[6]

Two years ago my childhood friend dropped by to see me. I was deep in
my study. No sooner was she in my home, she exclaimed;”Your face is
glowing!”She told me it was lit, emanating a white light. Last week I
saw this for myself. I was looking at my family connection to the
Mountbatten family. My face began to feel hot and I went into the
bathroom and threw cold water on my face. Looking up in the mirror I
beheld a face that was covered in a white glowing light. My eyes were
blue crystal jewels. With my white hair and beard I looked like a
Snow Wizard of a race living in the North Pole. Moshe’s face was all
aglow when he came down from the mount after seeing and conversing
with God, so much so her wore a veil over his head.

The Star of Bethlehem is on the flag of the Baux family who were progenitors of the House of Orange. The Lords of Baux claimed they descend from Balthazar one of the Magi. In spirit I send forth my Rouge Knight to strip the military dictators of all his military trappings, his medals, his ribbons, his sword.

My Mara and the Coming of Mettaya.

“According to Buddhist scripture, Gautama predicted that at some
future time another Buddha would come to help men set up an ideal
kingdom of righteousness and peace. The coming Buddha is called
Mettaya, (Sanskrit: Maitreya) meaning “love.”

“The House of Orange descends from the Lords of Baux who claimed they

descend from Balthazar, one of the three Magi. For this reason the
Baux coat of arms depicts the Star of Bethlehem. Some scholars are
suggesting there were as many as twelve Magi, and they came from
Europe. The true meaning of the nativity scene, and who it appealed
to, is lost. Because Baux became the center for the Troubadours, we
might be looking at the Magi being the Manichaean’s, who have roots
in Iraq, Persia, and India.The name for the House of Orange comes
from nâran,j and is the original bitter orange from India. A perfume
was made from orange-bitters. Was this orange perfume the gift that
Balthazar brought from India? Balthazar is depicted as being black,
but, many people in India are very dark, and Krishna is dark-

Guillaume of Orange is said to have been a King of Judah, and
ruled Septamania, or, Norborne. The Jewish historian, Josephus says
the Judaic religion was borrowed from saints from India. Denis de
Rougemont says in his book `Love In The Western World’ that Courtly
Love as practiced by the Cathars and Troubadours, and has it roots in
Persian and Arab Love Poems based upon Sufism, and the worship of
Sophia the Divine Femine. In the adoration of the Magi one must
wonder if the mother of Jesus was not the object of all this wise
attention, for how could a newborn child enjoy these meaningful gifts?

I promised my grandson a kingdom. I have restored the ruined walls of
Baux Castle, if only with the publishing of a work of art.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2006-2007



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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