Ruled By Bohemian Boy Lumpers

Mark and I were Vic Presco’s first partners. He abused as his child laborers. To see Pierrot promenading around the Rosamond Gallery, filled me with rage. She is not an artist, or a poet. She got there because of the sexual abuse in my family – and knows it! She came in on the dark tide of covert agendas that needed to remain hidden so she and her A Team can continue to suck money out of total corruption.  Did Sydney Morris know about the Family Incest? A watercolor I did of the produce market toured the world when I was sixteen. My sixteen year old daughter was lured into their camp in order to make me feel isolated and punished for dare speaking out. How………..evil!

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My brother and I were raised under two systems. The Roman Mafia Slave & Crime Consortium, and The Sacred Rosy Prostitute and Defiant Wife Conglomerate. Study the photograph above. Mark, Christine, and I have just been told our mother is making porno movies for Big Bones Remmer, and is a part-time prostitute for the Mafia Boss. We are told to be extra good, or, we will be taken from Rosemary and put up for adoption. We will be separated by a Judge. This did not happen till after Christine somehow, drowned, and the Judge Silver appointed Sydney Morris, who secretly blessed the affair Vicki Presco was having with her brother-in-law, Garth Benton, that I suspect Christine discovered during her divorce, and threatened to disown Vicki as a sibling. Whatever!

Garth was an artist, and he was sticking it to his sister-in-law, thus Vicki believed she was a member of the…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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