Spencer and My Southern History

But when the mob of white men marched in Charlottesville carrying flaming torches Friday night shouting “Heil Trump” as the curtain-raiser for a day of violent clashes with counter-protesters that left three people dead, they showed the world that America is once again playing with fire.
And Trump was the one with the match.
The symbolism was not subtle. Torches, witch hunts, flaming crosses — they all stretch back to our country’s founding. All those white-power bros knew exactly the kind of fear they were trying to evoke, even if their tiki torches came from Home Depot’s end-of-the-season patio sale.

Rosamond Press

“Revising history, tearing down history and carting away history — all for the sake of saving someone’s hurt feelings — is a despicable trend of late that’s been prompted in large part by minority groups that have finally found a voice.

But Richard Spencer, you’re not helping. You’re actually fueling racial flames and aiding the other side’s arguments.”


The bottom three photographs are members of the Hodges family, who intermarried with the Rosamond family for generations. We fought on the side of the Confederacy.  Here is my brother’s racist misogynist essays. Mark Presco has been a neo-Nazi most of his life. Spencer is a neo-Nazi who subscribes to the lie non-whites caused “brothers” to kill each other – needlessly.


Denne Sweeny took over the leadership of the Sons of Confederate Veterans from
my kinfolk, Anthony Hodges. Above we see Sweeney ‘The Neo-Confederate Swine’
parading around with grown…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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