Hate Hair of The Nazi Traitors

Above is the TERRORIST arrested for mowing down un-armed demonstrators. James Alix Fields Jr. is sporting Hate Hair. Richard Spencer is his idol. This guy worked on his image – before a mirror! He wanted to get more attention then Richard, so he picks people at random – to die!

This is not ‘Hair’, or the Age of Aquarius. It is the age of X-Trump. Von Trump has touched those shields with the Bloody Rag of Hate.

Did James see his hero taken down by cops? Spencer is telling the police he and his Nazis are the only ones protecting them, and they should go after the Communists. The Nazis made many white Europeans slaves. Communist Russia destroyed the Nazis. To go after, and crush Nazis, is not a matter of hate.

Jon Presco

Despite a high enlistment rate in the U.S. Army, African Americans were not treated equally. At parades, church services, in transportation and canteens the races were kept separate. The Women’s Army Corps (WAC) changed its enlistment policies in January 1941, allowing for African American women to join the ranks of Army nurses to strengthen the war effort. Much like with male soldiers, Black women were given separate training, inferior living quarters, and rations. Black nurses were integrated into everyday life with their white colleagues and often felt the pain of discrimination and slander from the wounded soldiers they cared for and the leadership assigned to them.[39]

Phyllis Mae Dailey was sworn into the Navy as the first African-American woman in World War II.

The Navy did not follow suit in changing its policies to include women of color until January 25, 1945. The first African American woman sworn into the Navy was Phyllis Mae Dailey, a nurse and Columbia University student from New York. She was the first of only four African American women to serve in the navy during World War II



If Republicans are now truly disgusted by the president they supported, they can condemn his embarrassing comments, support the FBI and Justice Department investigation, and urge that Confederate statues throughout the country be taken down. We’ve now erased the fictions that these monuments are about “Southern heritage.” No, they are giant concrete shrines to white nationalism.

“It is self-evident that these men did not fight for the United States of America, they fought against it,” New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said in a memorable speech explaining his city’s decision to remove the statues. “They may have been warriors, but in this cause they were not patriots. These statues are not just stone and metal. They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement and the terror that it actually stood for.”


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