Jean Baptiste de Rosemond

The homepage for Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor appeared on the Rosamond Genealogy page, briefly. ‘Caretaker’ Stacey Pierrot, and the lawfirm of Heisinger, Morrise, Rose, and Buck, were not aware Liz was my cousin.

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Jimmy Rosamond records some of the history of Jean Baptiste de Rosemond, who contributed to the……… “Histoire de la réformation de l’Eglis d’Angleterre by Gilbert Burnet; Jean Baptiste de Rosemont”

There are two spellings here for Jean which coincides with the book of Denizationof Foreign Protestants, where in the index the name ROSEMENT is used, but in the text it is ROSEMOND. The de before Rosemont, suggests Jean is OF Rosemont. Not able to read French, I am limited. One source says Jean was a translator, but the author, Gilbert Burnet, was fluent in Frenchand other languages, including Hebrew, that he may have learnedfrom a Sephardic Jew in Holland.

The initials”Par Mrde” appear before Rosemond. If any of my readers know their meaning, let meknow. This coud be the link from Gottschalk Rosemondtto the Protestant Reformation.

One possibility is that Jean was the Publisher. This book was published in Amsterdamand…

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