Threading The Eye of the Needle

When I found the property on Bodega Bay, yesterday, and beheld the two photos above, I knew my angel led me to the Promised Land. When God puts you in front of His powerful enemy, how much power do you own? The more powerful the enemy, the more powerful God’s champion. God loves a good story!

“All’s well, that ends well!”

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

The Needle’s Eye

Last night I discovered there exist a passage on Skellig Michael called ‘The Needle’s Eye’. In 1988, I took a photo of the eye in the rock I climbed at Rocky Point. It lie under a narrow bridge to the top. This more than a coincidence. God has – TWO EYES – and SEES the end that is coming. He bids His Seer to speak out, and give a warning!;;doc.view=print

Note the two arrows! What more of a SIGN do you need?


Jon ‘The Nazarite’

“Smith’s account of the pilgrimage to the island is concerned primarily with the dangers of the South Peak climb. For him one of the terrors of the ascent was the point where pilgrims have to squeeze through a hollow called the Needle’s Eye, which resembles the funnel or shaft of a chimney. After clearing this hurdle and negotiating several other perilous passages.”


William Tirey, Bishop of Cork from 1623 to 1645, records a pilgrimage to Skellig Michael among the events of his life (Foley 1903, 16). Friar O’Sullivan, a Franciscan from Muckross who wrote the Ancient History of the Kingdom of Kerry about 1750, mentions in that work “the great Skelike formerly very much noted for pilgrimage over most part of Europe” (O’Sullivan 1899, 152). Soon after, in 1756, Charles Smith published the first account of the South Peak, describing the ascent of it in detail. The South Peak stations were to be visited after those of the monastery. Smith’s remarks on this part of the pilgrimage suggest that a tradition of long standing was coming to an end: “Many persons about twenty years ago, came from the remotest parts of Ireland to perform these penances, but the zeal of such adventurous devotees, hath been very much cooled of late.”

The Death of Creative Siblings by the Sea

rayers6 rayes2 rayes6 rayes7 rayes9 rayes10

Marilyn Reed bid me to see a woman, a Seer, and alas own a picture of how my late sister died. She asked me if I would abide by her findings. This is to say, what if I am wrong, and the written version by the hired ghost writers is correct?

Several days later, I remind Marilyn she asked me to get a reading at the Berkeley Psychic Insititute back in 1987 where a woman said this at the beginning of my two hour reading;

“You own your own creation. You died!”

In the second hour of the reading I got to ask questions. I began this reading as a skeptic, but, I did own a picture of where possibly my death took place.

“If it is true what you told me, where was I when I died?”

“You were on these beautiful rocks by the sea. You were in much pain. You had to let that pain go.”

My fall on a dramatic rock that buttressed into the sea at McClure’s Beach came to mind. My feet were hanging over the edge of a hundred foot drop. There was a bad gash in the palm of my hand. I could see my bone.

Yesterday I read Julie Lynch has sold an idea for a Televison series that might come out next year. She claimed a famous director bought her script about Christine Rosamond, several year ago.

“Before the Wave: The Life Story of Christine Rosamond
Not yet released
When the idealistic artist known as Rosamond defiantly emerges from a dark childhood, suppressed by abuse and alcoholism, and rockets to worldwide fame, becoming the world’s most published painter, she discovers that her road into the light is twisted, wrought with sabotage, and at the tips of her reach.”

Christine and I – DIED! I am dead to my family because they keep competing with one another and me in order to get close to the Fame & Money they hope outsiders will give them. I will never lay eyes on a family member again. You got to let us go. You got to stop feeding off us, feeding off the dead! Alcoholism is a disease. My sister died on her first sober birthday. I will be sober twenty-nine years in April. Christine and I do not want to see Julie Lynch exploiting our disease – for money!  Go do your own paintings. Try writing a poem. Leave us alone!

Here is a good view of the house Christine stayed in. Look how steep it is to the water. Shamus Dundon claimed he was jogging here to get warm because it was a “blustery” morning. Christine is free of your lies! Stop feeding off our energy.

Jon Presco


rayes32 rayes33 rayes34 rayes45Greg 1975 Christine


Point Reyes is a prominent cape and popular Northern California tourist destination on the Pacific coast of northern California. It is located in Marin County approximately 30 miles (50 km) west-northwest of San Francisco. The term is often applied to the Point Reyes Peninsula, the region bounded by Tomales Bay on the northeast and Bolinas Lagoon on the southeast. The headland is protected as part of Point Reyes National Seashore.

They are sudden, they are remorseless and they can suck their victims into the sea to an almost certain death. Summoned by wind and tide, these “sneaker waves” hurl themselves far beyond the foam line on the beach then forcefully go in reverse. In the past week alone, they are blamed for the drowning deaths of three people on Bay Area beaches.

Charles Quaid of Richmond was strolling with his wife and dog at North Beach in Point Reyes National Seashore on New Year’s Day when what apparently was a sneaker wave claimed his life. Quaid, 59, was a sailor and familiar with the ocean but still disappeared into a churning sea. Quaid’s dog emerged from the water unharmed.

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