Warrior Birds Winging To The Enemy Of Light

The remnants of the Nazarites are winning. The admitted men and women as equals.

Rosamond Press


The battle for Mosul is underway. The safety of the citizens is a primary concern. This concern was expressed in my cryptic message about Del Rose and his stolen Bird Homes. This is poetry. An intruder has entered the bird house where the eggs of the next generation, lie. How does one remove the menace without breaking the eggs? This is a riddle for the ancient Zoroastrian Poets to answer as their words are cast into the future where peace has arrived, and will always, arise. The enemy is vanquished because he is temporal, and illusion, that can not stand up to the all-pervasive truth, that the enemy can not help but recognize.

Poetry is the Great Vanquisher of Darkness. The enemy leaves the bird house without molesting the eggs. This is The Lay of the Higher Law. The old man will never stop making his birdhouses till the day he…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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