Warrior Birds Winging To The Enemy Of Light


The battle for Mosul is underway. The safety of the citizens is a primary concern. This concern was expressed in my cryptic message about Del Rose and his stolen Bird Homes. This is poetry. An intruder has entered the bird house where the eggs of the next generation, lie. How does one remove the menace without breaking the eggs? This is a riddle for the ancient Zoroastrian Poets to answer as their words are cast into the future where peace has arrived, and will always, arise. The enemy is vanquished because he is temporal, and illusion, that can not stand up to the all-pervasive truth, that the enemy can not help but recognize.

Poetry is the Great Vanquisher of Darkness. The enemy leaves the bird house without molesting the eggs. This is The Lay of the Higher Law. The old man will never stop making his birdhouses till the day he die. The poet will never stop writing his, or her, poems. Even the enemy writes poetry. Surrender to poetry. Without Poetic Justice on your side, ones knees feel weak. Your sword is to heavy to raise. But, the chisel and saw of the ancient carpenter……..is sure in his work.


I am supportive of the Kurdish Diaspora. The Peshmerga warriors are flying towards the frontline to meet the darkness head on. Home is where you find it. I descend from Huguenots on my mother’s side, and Forty-Eighters on my father’s side. My ancestors lost their ancestral homes after being defeated on the battlefield. Where is the real battlefield, we ask. Where are our true homes?  We are Huma. We soar with the birds of paradise, towards the promised land.

Queen Helena took the vow of the Nazarite. Her people are said to be, or are close kin, to the Kurdish people. She and her sons fought the Roman slave master for the Temple in the Promised Land, and fled into Syria when GOD’S HOUSE was overcome. Why did the Jews go to war with Rome? Caligula the “monster” has returned in Donald Trump. The real Jesus, as the Messiah, would have rode out to meet the Enemy of God who came to put the monster in The House of God! God, has chosen His Nazarites, again. They are men and women of The Light! God-Allah will not lose this battle.

“Accordingly he sent Petronius with an army to Jerusalem to place his statues in the temple, and commanded him that, in case the Jews would not admit of them, he should slay those that opposed it, and carry all the rest into captivity.”

“A Peshmerga convoy drives towards a frontline in Khazer, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of Mosul, Iraq.”

I believe I see a rose scarf on this tank?

Jon ‘The Nazarite’

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Shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus, the mad Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus – nicknamed Caligula (“little boots”) – attempted to desecrate the Temple. Everywhere else in the Roman empire subjugated peoples had been forced to conform to the cult of Rome and acknowledge not only Caesar as Lord but also fall into line by adopting the Roman pantheon of gods. The Jews had been left alone and it was time they began to conform. Caligula gave an order to set up his statue in the Holy of Holies in the Temple:

Now Caius Caesar did so grossly abuse the fortune he had arrived at, as to take himself to be a god, and to desire to be so called also, and to cut off those of the greatest nobility out of his country. He also extended his impiety as far as the Jews. Accordingly he sent Petronius with an army to Jerusalem to place his statues in the temple, and commanded him that, in case the Jews would not admit of them, he should slay those that opposed it, and carry all the rest into captivity

Newroz in Kurdish literature[edit]

Newroz has been mentioned in works of many Kurdish poets and writers as well as musicians.[33] One of the earliest records of Newroz in Kurdish literature is from Melayê Cizîrî (1570–1640):[34]

Without the light and the fire of Love,
Without the Designer and the power of Creator,
We are not able to reach Union.
(Light is for us and dark is the night)
This fire massing and washing the Heart,
My heart claim after it.
And here come Newroz and the New Year,
When a such light is rising.

The famous Kurdish writer and poet Piramerd (1867–1950) writes in his 1948 poem “Newroz”:[35]

The New Year’s day is today. Newroz is back.
An ancient Kurdish festival, with joy and verdure.
For many years, the flower of our hopes was downtrodden
The fresh rose of spring was the blood of the youth
It was that red colour on the high horizon of Kurd
Which was carrying the happy tidings of dawn to remote and near nations
It was Newroz which imbued the hearts with such a fire
That made the youth receive death with devoted love
Hooray! The sun is shining from the high mountains of homeland
It is the blood of our martyrs which the horizon reflects
It has never happened in the history of any nation
To have the breasts of girls as shields against bullets
Nay. It is not worth crying and mourning for the martyrs of homeland
They die not. They live on in the heart of the nation.


Malaye Jaziri (KurdishMelayê Cizîrî‎), (1570-1640) was one of the most famous Kurdish writerpoet and mystic. His pen name was Nîşanî.

The Iraqi-led forces include the Popular Mobilization Units, which plan to target ISIS tunnels and trenches south of Mosul with thermobaric missiles.

In addition, thousands of Kurdish forces have dug in from other directions in the desert surrounding Mosul.

The Pentagon, which has lent advisers and air support, recently announced the deployment of 600 additional American troops to aid in Mosul’s capture, bringing the number of US personnel to 4,847.

About 3,600 coalition forces from other nations will also be deployed in support of the operation.

A Peshmerga convoy drives towards a frontline in Khazer, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of Mosul, Iraq.

Even still, though, one airstrike hit one of Mosul’s main bridges.

The battle may last weeks or even months, if the operation to retake Ramadi is any indicator. Iraqi forces have recaptured much of the territory lost to the group, including the cities of Tikrit and Falluja.

Camps are being set up to accommodate the refugees, who will need transport and basic necessities once the Iraqi security forces and Peshmerga screen them as they leave the city.

“The humanitarian consequences of this operation will be massive,” said Wolfgang Gressmann Norwegian Refugee Council’s Country Director in Iraq. “Establishing genuinely safe routes out of the city for civilians is now the top priority; nothing is more important.”




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