Buck Town U.S.A.

He was a larger-than-life personality,” said John Averill, a family friend of Ken Kesey.

The Tracktown U.S.A. folks are wondering why the Olympic Trials will not be held in Eugene, again! The answer is obvious………There is no, there – there! What went wrong?

There were three locations in the race. Some wise-ass suggested they look at our Facebook, and, a month of newscasts. What they discovered, was, Eugene is not a cosmopolitan city, and, has been at the mercy of one or two shit-disturbers – like this guy!

free from local, provincial, or national ideas, prejudices, or attachments; at home all over the world.

If we were honest citizens we would name Kesey Square ‘Anarchy Park’. There would be a life-size statue of a dude in black, with hood on, and carrying a rock. When you approach him, a censor would trigger jets of steam that startle the visitor from Canoga Park.

“Look out! The pigs are using teargas!”

Suddenly one finds themselves in the middle of a riot broadcast on the walls! Big plate windows are shattered! Laser lights add to the confusion. Young crazed women go running by you with torches!

“Down with the capitalist scum-bag parasites!”

This would be much better than what we really have, that defies description. Alas, Belle and Alley caught on to what I am seeing. There is a Greek drama going on that is right out of Kafka. There is this hired goon, a green giant, that is forever trying to catch the Artful Dodger and make downtown Eugene safe again. It is a weird merry-go-round. We are stuck in a labyrinth. Artists and their works, are attacked. City Government proudly announces they have solved the problem, once and for all! But, we all know this is THE BIG LIE! There is no solution. It didn’t take long for the Olympic Committee to get the BIG PICTURE. Today’s news assured them they made a wise choice.

“I mean, there was probably 40 teens kind of laid up here, last time I was here,” Quillen said.

But for now, Maggie said the city is finally on the right track.”

He started his job May 1.

“Same people violating the same things over and over, but after that they started getting the message. ‘Hey, this guy is going to be here. He’s not going anywhere,’” Watson said.

“Watson’s job is paid for into October.”

You just got to laugh!

I would like to take some credit for the giant chess pieces. Two years ago I stood before Mayor Kitty and proposed a Kesey Square Labyrinth Walk.

In my next blog, I will explain why I chose Frank Buck Square.

“Mr. Buck is interested as a stockholder and Director in the Rodeo Land & Water Co., of Los Angeles, which owns 3100 acres of land near Los Angeles. The townsite of Beverly stands on part of this land. Mr. Buck is President of the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company, of Eugene, Oregon, and has heavy timber holdings in that section of the Northwest. He also is a Director of the Bakersfield Iron Works.”

We need to change the channel if the inhabitants of the Emerald Valley are going to survive – and prosper!

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Local law enforcement agencies are searching for the suspect who stole a patrol car from the University of Oregon Police Department early Wednesday morning.

According to UOPD, around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, an unidentified man smashed the driver’s window of a marked Ford Interceptor patrol vehicle.

Police said the car was left running outside a University of Oregon building at 1244 Walnut Street while the officer was inside the building.




EUGENE, Ore. – Nearly two months into a new program at the Eugene downtown Park Blocks, city officials say they feel they’re on the right track toward a safer downtown.

“It just seems like it’s friendlier,” said Maggie, a downtown Eugene visitor.

Maggie’s not a frequent visitor to downtown Eugene, but even she can sense a difference at the Park Blocks.

“I like this, like this because it’s kind of like the European commons where you can go and relax and visit,” she said.

“We have ping pong tables right here; we have life size chess,” described Daniel Watson, urban park. He keeps an eye on what goes on at the Park Blocks.

“I get here in the mornings and I help set up tables and chairs and activities for what’s going on for the day,” he said.

More importantly, Watson reminds visitors of park rules, including smoking bans and the ban on most dogs. He reports any problems to the Eugene police.

He started his job May 1.

“Same people violating the same things over and over, but after that they started getting the message. ‘Hey, this guy is going to be here. He’s not going anywhere,’” Watson said.

Watson is one of several initiatives officials are using to make downtown safer after the city council heard from workers downtown about criminal and objectionable behavior by some loiterers getting out of hand.

Local musician Paul Quillen said three months ago, setting up for a park blocks performance would have been tough.

“I mean, there was probably 40 teens kind of laid up here, last time I was here,” Quillen said.

But for now, Maggie said the city is finally on the right track.

“Encourage a culture here. It’s like–the town belongs to everybody,” she said.

The city has budgeted $1 million for the initiatives. The police department is paying overtime for more officers to work downtown and the urban parks.

Watson’s job is paid for into October.

‘I had no clue. I thought it was Kesey Square’: Eugene considers re-naming Broadway Plaza

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    The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! I want to hold some Old Dead Head Cronie Races and Events in order to show that The Alternative Hippie Bohemian Nation are not a bunch of Bores and Blowhards Out For a Buck. Mayve the Latino Radical – and Nobel Prize Contestant – will be the MC. Remember my old idea for a Godzilla Run?

    John Madden, Jim Bailey and a race through Eugene
    As the football world remembers John Madden, here’s a quick look back at the greatest 60-yard dash in Oregon history

    Tyson Alger
    Dec 29, 2021

    The 1950s were filled with many of the characters who make up the stories of University of Oregon history.

    Nike co-founder Phil Knight ran for storied track and field coach Bill Bowerman that decade, as Len Casanova put together a football program that reached the Rose Bowl for the first time in 37 years.

    It was the type of period in Eugene where someone like John Madden, the Hall of Fame football coach who died Tuesday at the age of 85, could play a small role and be mostly forgotten.

    But because it was Madden, his time came with a few good stories. Like the time he raced 4-minute miler Jim Bailey at 1 a.m. through the streets of Eugene — and won.

    Madden came to Eugene from Daly City, Calif., to attend Oregon and play football with his childhood friend John Robinson. Robinson would play four years at Oregon and go on to coach USC and the Los Angeles Rams in the future, while Madden was at UO just one year thanks to a knee injury that would lead to an offseason transfer.

    In his later years as a coach and broadcaster, Madden looked all the part of a former offensive lineman. This a man who would later bring the Turducken to fame. But in 1955 in Eugene, Madden was just a few years removed from being a three-sport star at Jefferson High. He was 6-foot-4 with tree trunks for legs and knew how to hustle in more ways than one.

    One night, that saw Madden challenge Bailey to a footrace outside the steps of Sigma Chi on 13th Street. It was well past midnight, beers had been consumed and Madden was feeling a bit cocky when talking with the UO track star, who would become the first person to break the four-minute mile on American soil a year later.

    “I said I could run faster at a short distance than a world-class miler could,” Madden said in 2011’s, Madden: A Biography.

    “I knew that because John was big, a lot of people didn’t think he could run fast,” Robinson added. “Well, I grew up with him, and I knew he was a lot faster than he looked, so I start yelling, ‘Hey, I bet John can beat Bailey in a race! I bet he can take him!”

    Robinson took in more bets than they could cover if Madden lost, counted off 60 yards down 13th and lined up the two future athletic titans for a race in front of 200 frat boys.

    And Madden reportedly smoked him.

    “It was like Lee Trevino used to say,” Madden said, “Pressure is trying to win a big bet when you’re flat broke.”


    — Tyson Alger

    (Top photo of John Madden courtesy of FOX Sports)

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