The Pointing Finger of the Go-el Redeemer

My family, with the help of the Buck family, hid me, hid my daughter and grandson, hid the truth, thus I am the hidden truth, the hidden one.

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jesusconstLast night I talked with Rosetta, the sister of Hollis Williams. She asked for her brother’s death certificate, and photographs. She told me that Hollis’ mother was not married to her father. Alas I owned the key to my friend’s life. H was a homeless bastard utterly estranged from his family and alone in the world. He saw me as his brother. I saw myself as his Go-el Redeemer. This is why I paid for my adopted son’s funeral. I did not want him to be in debt after his death. Here is what the Midrash says;

“If the man has no go’el to whom restitution can be made.”
The Midrash asks:
“Is there anyone in Israel who has no go’el?
The idea is morally unacceptable. How can a person be so isolated,
and how can a society be so alienated that a person might be entirely
alone? The Sages…

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