The Pointing Finger of the Go-el Redeemer

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jesusconstLast night I talked with Rosetta, the sister of Hollis Williams. She asked for her brother’s death certificate, and photographs. She told me that Hollis’ mother was not married to her father. Alas I owned the key to my friend’s life. H was a homeless bastard utterly estranged from his family and alone in the world. He saw me as his brother. I saw myself as his Go-el Redeemer. This is why I paid for my adopted son’s funeral. I did not want him to be in debt after his death. Here is what the Midrash says;

“If the man has no go’el to whom restitution can be made.”
The Midrash asks:
“Is there anyone in Israel who has no go’el?
The idea is morally unacceptable. How can a person be so isolated,
and how can a society be so alienated that a person might be entirely
alone? The Sages decided to use this to teach a moral lesson
about “otherness” and about acceptance. The answer the Sages give is
that the only Jew who could possibly lack a go’el would have to be a
childless convert to Judaism. For such a person, God Himself is the

God bid me to be Hollis William’s Go-el Redeemer. God bid me to be the Go-el Redeemer of Christine Rosamond Benton who was bankrupt when she died. Vicki, Mark, and Stacey Pierrot conspired to rest the family artistic legacy I founded from my nieces. They hired a ghost writer who wrote a book about Highway 66. When I met Bill Cornwell, he drove us on Route 66, it his dream to do so. The Gideon Computer is manifestation of a new reality that took shape in a Soviet prison. The Roza Mira Prophecy is the Prism of the Go-el Redeemer.

I have solved the riddle of John’s pointing finger. In the Ogham Tree Alphabet the letters DGO are founded, with the letter L at the tip. Consider the spark of God that was given to Adam. L EL ElECTRIC. The Elect of God – the Nazarites!

Note the boy pointing to the scroll that a Jesus-like figure is holding – and who also points to the document. Note the golden tree on his chest. This is the Rose of the World. I am The Highwayman, the Rose of the World who steps on to the Gideon Highway with my Merry Band of Druids. We have come to fix the Tower of Babel, still the sound a ten billion telephone conversations, until, only THE WORD….remains.

Above we see Mark and I with our Uncle Vinnie who gave his kindred much money in a Trust that was also established by aunt June, who gave me my first car, the 1957 Ford Fairlane you see. The Rice Trust paid for Hollis’s funeral.

Jon ‘The highwayman’

I awoke and went back to this
article and came upon the word go’el. A go’el is a next of kin
redeemer. A Savior is also a Redeemer. I then came upon the this
site, and was blow away! For seven years I have been waving around my
forefinger, my God-el finger that I connect to Nehushten that is the
Hebrew letter L that I saw looks like a serpent, a sea-serpent. I
have assigned this finger to John the Baptist who is a Redeemer born
on the Day of Atonement. But John prepared the way for another
Redeemer descended from Ruth who was redeemed by Boaz a kinsman.

Name: John ROSAMOND “The Highwayman”·
Surname: Rosamond·
Given Name: John· Suffix: “The Highwayman”·
Sex: M· Birth: ABT. 1710 in County Leitrim, Ireland (?)
“In 1724, my ancestor John ROSAMOND and his friend William Ray were
arrested in Abingdon, Berkshire, England for stealing a hat, periwig,
30 pounds British sterling, five pairs of shoes, and a brown gelding.
They were held in the gaol in Reading, Berkshire, after their trial
where they were sentenced to be exiled to the colonies for 14 years
hard labor.

Right down America’s Main Street it rolled, pausing at each town along the way, then moving on, carrying travelers in search of adventure, romance, or that rare chance for a new beginning. Route 66 knew many names: the Mother Road, Will Rogers Highway, the Neon Road. And it lived up to each. Travelers met the land, found new friends—and often themselves. Now, more than a quarter-century since being officially abandoned, the old road still keeps its promise.

In Robert Graves’ scholarly work about poetic myth ‘The White Goddess’, (pub: Farrar, Straus and Giroux) Graves shows how the tree alphabet Beth, Luis, Nion, could have been used in hand signing, using the finger tips and joints of one hand. It was a secret believed to have been practiced by the Druids.
It is in ‘The White Goddess’, that Robert Graves attempts to solve and piece together the riddles and meanings given by the early balladeers, in one of the earliest written manuscripts to speak of the ‘Beith, Luis. Nion’ Ogham trees. It is on his work (which has its decriers) that our modern usage is mostly based.

Roza Mira (Full title in Russian: Роза Мира. Метафилософия истории, literally, The Rose of the World. The Metaphilosophy of History.) is the title of the main book by Russian mystic Daniil Andreev. It is also the name of the predicted new universal religion, to emerge and unite all people of the world before the advent of the Antichrist, described by Andreev in his book. This new interreligion, as he calls it, should unite the existing religions “like a flower unites its petals”, Andreev wrote. According to Roza Mira, there are no contradictions between different religions, because they tell about different aspects of spiritual reality, or about the same things in different words. Daniil Andreyev compares different major religions to different paths leading to one and the same mountain peak (which is God). Andreyev names five world religions, which are Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. Andreyev believes in the Trinity of God, but the third hypostasis, instead of being the Holy Spirit, is claimed to be the Eternal Femininity.

Daniil Andreyev agrees with main Christian dogma, namely, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God that had come to our world to help it on its way to the Light. However, Andreyev states that the murder of Jesus wasn’t planned as a part of Redemption; it was instead inspired by the Devil to hinder God’s plans. Though strongly rooted, psychologically and emotionally, in the Russian Orthodox Church, Andreev also believed in reincarnation and karma, so that his personal faith, as expressed in Roza Mira, is something of an amalgamation of Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. (On his deathbed, Andreev was shocked to find that the attending Orthodox priest refused him last rites;[citation needed] the priest knew that the dying man believed in reincarnation, and so did not consider him a Christian.)[citation needed]

In large part, Roza Mira is a spiritual cosmography, a description of the domains human souls occupy after death or between incarnations—domains resembling, to greater or lesser degrees, the heavens, hells, purgatories, and netherworlds of various religions and mythological systems. As such, it can be compared to works like the Bardo Thodol or Tibetan Book of the Dead, and the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri (as well as modern expressions of the same visionary tradition, like The Urantia Book). As a 20th-century entrant in this sub-genre, Roza Mira extends its purview far beyond the terrestrial Earth, to other planets, solar systems, and galaxies. Andreev peoples these visionary domains with types of beings recognizable from world religions and mythologies—angels, archangels, demons, daemons, titans, nature spirits or “elementals”—and also with creatures unique to Andreev’s vision, called igvas, raruggs, and witzraors, among others. The venues include familiar names like Atlantis and Gondwana, plus unique Andreevian coinages, Olirna and Digm, Mudgabr and Fongaranda and many more. All of this is expressed in a distinctive and remarkable volcabulary—and this vocabulary is one of the most noteworthy aspects of the text. So, the Earth (Enrof) is the center of a complex structure (bramfatura) of 242 “variomaterial planes.” Similar structures abound in the known universe, so that Andreev’s cosmos comes to resemble the “niutas of kotis of Buddha countries” (i.e. tens of millions of millions of alternative realms) described in the sutras of the Buddhist religious canon. This makes Roza Mira a highly distinctive and notable entry in the Western esoteric spiritual literature.

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