Herping and Jogging For Art Dollars

Heather Hanson will not be seeing,or talking to her father today. I suspect Tom Snyder and members of my family lured my daughter away from me in order the destroy my autobiogrpahy, the happy ending to my Sober Miracle. I suspect Shamus Dundon led a fishing expidition down to the dangeroous area Snyder describes as a “sandy cove”. He knows better. In his book he describes the scarry accout of him going down there and making the same mistake Christine did. My sister was up in the house when Vicki came running up the ice plant to call 911, and, inform our sister her daughter Drew was in the water. Christine Rosamond Benton ran out of the house, not bothering to find her jacket, and put it on. This is why her suede jacket did not end up in the water, and, was not taken off, while Christine swam to her daughter, and handed her off to Vicki and Shamus, who pulled her to safety. I suspect Christine got dashed on the rocks, and injured. Hyperthermia set in. Shamus watched my sister be “killed”. Vicki would not let him go in to rescue her, or, he was afraid to do so. Did Christine tell Shamus not to take Drew down to the water? Our family and Christine’s friends are coming to the “beach party”. Can you imagine the guilt and shame Shamus felt. He would be blamed for the death of a world famous artist who was writing her autobiography with the help of Sandra Faulkner – who quit the project! Why? Did she hear too many lies – too? Was my sister saying bad things about Garth Benton? https://rosamondpress.com/2015/12/28/credible-witnesses/

Rosamond Press


Here is a detailed photograph of Rocky Point. Do you see the “beach” and “sand” Shamus Dundon mentioned in his e-mails to me?

Click on this url:


Here is part of the house my kindred stayed in. When I walked down to the “bowl” carved out by large cascading waves, the going was difficult due to many rocks and boulders under the ice-plant. You can see some of them, the larger ones, where perhaps a lizard might perch?

When I caught lizards as a boy, I did so after I snuck up on them. How about you? Shamus’s lizard hunt involved “jogging” along the steep cliffs while he looked for lizards – by himself! I looked down to make sure I did not stumble. How come he didn’t take his eight year old niece with him, she too not finding sea urchins in nonexistent tide-pools.  Vicki told me her…

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