Outsiders Contemplate Rosamond’s Suicide

The Story of Rosamond


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

‘Go Fish’

Trying to get the truth out of Vicki&Son, is like playing ‘Go Fish’. Among the four who went down into that dangerous cove, who was the fisherman? Who borrowed Vic’s fishing poles? Who awoke that morning and said; “Let’s go fishing!” Who looked at the tide table to see when it was high tide? Shamus had seen the famous photograph of Vic and Shannon with the fish they caught. Who would want to replicate that – with Drew? Who would want to look like the Big Hero? Who was not interested in Christine’s sober birthday? Shamus did not like his famous aunt, because she kept putting his mother in the shadow of her success. Was Vickie jealous of our sister? Why go into the past to make a boy of five a jealous monster? In considering Murder, one has to look at a motive. Vicki says a fisherman was swept off the same rocks a week earlier. Did the owner of the house know this. Who is he/she? Why didn’t the owner sound a warning to The Guests? If the house was rented for the party, then, the owner may not have been around, or, known about the party. Have you heard of a fishing party? Why would Christine join this fishing expedition? She has to get ready for her party. Was she aware that Vicki and Shamus took Drew down into that cove?

Vicki had a special relationship with Vic. She brought both her husbands before King Victor who told his sons-in-law to watch out for the Dark Pretender.

“Don’t turn you back on Greg! He menaced me with a big butcher knife when he was twelve. Rosemary put that knife in his hand. He had a thing for his mother.”

Vic and Shamus got along famously. My father saw Shamus as his heir apparent, because my brother, Mark, betrayed his father, too! Shamus was all for this, he feeling mighty powerful thanks to Vic who Shamus accused or raping her. The day of the funeral, Shamus was very nervous when she pulled up in from of her mother’s house.

‘Greg! Can you go out to greet her?”

When I drove up, Vicki came out of the house, and intercepted me. I thought this was strange.

Rosamond Press

Everything is being done for nine year old Drew Benton. Three years after her mother’s death, and the adult heir, Shannon Sidle, has been defeated in court, Stacey Pierrot comes out with HER webpage about my sister. Drew’s friends are reading about the idea  Christine Rosamond was a possible SUICIDE, and would have been if not for the merciful “rogue wave” Why suggest suicide? If THE OUTSIDERS know for sure this was not the case – why bring it up? They are saying Rosamond’s death – was a blessing! Drew is spared!

High tide was at 10:33 A.M. Larry Sidle. Why would Drew be taken to this Cove of Death? She is swept into the ocean, while her mother has her back to sea – that is very turbulent. It was very WINDY! What does that mean, Larry!


Would you surf Rocky Point – Hot Shot? Here’s your ex-sister-in-law lying about the tide.

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