Beauty And The Troll Beasts

Kimberly Bulkley and Murry Oltman, were once my facebook friends. Not once did they respond to a post I made, or, respond to a post I made on their page. They utterly snubbed me, yet, they did not unfriend me. If my spy finds their posts on Heather’s facebook, and, they mention my grandson, Tyler Hunt, then they are playing a very evil game. They could be seen as Child Stalkers.

All Broderick genetic material that my two offspring have, comes from me. To conduct a insisdious operation where I am cut-out, is to render my daughter an Immacualte Conception, something Patrice Hanson already rendered just after Heather was born. I have confessed to having a Christ-Conflict, but, there folks have a Evil Nazi Genetic Complex, being, they wished they had better genetics, and were BETTER LOOKING so they can FEEL SUPERIOR!

Kimberly appears to have gotten a inherint skin condition. Has she ever been married? She looks over forty, and thus she will never have a child. The Broderick gene is about to die out. I passed on the Oltman/Stuttmiester gene to my offspring. At one time Murray, Daryl, and I discussed our Stuttmeister research. When I discovered photos of Kimberly and Murray in Germany, I wondered why they did not share them with me.

I was the first one Murray contacted about our family genealogy. Once he talked to Daryl, he grew distant. She was doing the Broderick Thing. Her father was career army. Daryl is Daddies Good Little War Girl who picks people apart with cunning expertise.

I now realize it was Daryl that was telling her my family was dead. Did she back Bill Cornwell who was born on my father’s birthday? Heather was born on Rosemary’s birthday. H&B destroyed the last chance for our family to unite. This was the last thing the Bulkleys wanted. How strong of a need does Kimberly-Witch have to have a child who contains her DNA? Heather’s aunt Linda will never have a child, and she fought with Heather’s mother over my child. She wanted me – dead! Does this sound like The Real Game of Thrones’. I will market our witchy drama as such.

Heather refused to admit she lied about Linda taking a huge piss in the back seat of the car Vicki rented. It is the right thing for a good father to do, to put a lying child out – until she tells the truth. I have thirty years of sobriety. Do the trolls – care! I think Daryl is a drunk. Here is Ugly Troll Flip toasting my beautiful genetic material in a bar hoping his life and looks will be rejuvenated. He refused to shake my hand when we first met because of the awful things Heather was saying about me – behind my back!

How would Murray like to have a daughter like mine, one who betrays you and has a baby out of wedlock? Daryl makes me out to be a flake – and flies into a jealous rage because no member of the Getty family, or, Getty business – gives a shit about her! I suspect Daryl gave Heather absolution about getting pregnant by a bum – as long as Kimberly gets to treat Tyler like her pet, her surrogate child. What a bunch of bull-shitters! My offspring better not appear in any book the trolls are connected to.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


Last night I watched Excalibur on T.V. I turned it off in order to go to the store. When I came home I turned on my T.V. and there is Mordred at the gate of Camelot telling his father he is dead, his kingdom is dead, and he has come for Arthur’s Dream so he can destroy it once and for all.

When my daughter, Heather Hanson, accused my grandson of urinating in the car seat her wicked drunken aunt, Linda Comstock, urinated on, I told her she is a liar on her way to becoming an alcoholic.
“Your family is dead!” Heather said, she telling me we were not fun now that we were sober. She went on to describe what fun Bill Cornwell was, he having a thousand friends.
“I am on the verge of disowning you!” Was my response to this mother who had a illegitimate son by a drinker and has now bonded with a animal who boasted on Facebook about his black-out drunks.
“Don’t you want someone to be there for when you die?” asked my disloyal daughter, then, realizing how that sounded, she said;
“I don’t want to be in your Will!”
My daughter was once my Sober Miracle who came into my life when she was sixteen. She was once the miraculous end to my story ‘Capturing Beauty’. My daughter and my beautiful grandson, Tyler Hunt, have been captured by evil people.
Heather is a liar! My family is not dead. I am alive. My two siblings, Mark and Vicki Presco are alive, as is Drew Benton, who is now living in Vicki’s house in Bullhead City working on her art. There are four of us. I would like to say Drew has taken Christine’s place, but, she is her own person, and creative heir to her late parents. Drew suffered greatly due to he mother’s alcoholism, as did the four Presco Children.
I paid hundreds of dollars out of the Vincent Rice Trust to make Heather Hanson my Heir. I had to dismiss her when she refused to perform her duties as my Trustee, she and her evil boyfriend calling me a “parasite” because he is a Tea Bagger – who refused to help his own mother bound in a wheelchair for over ten years!
It has cost me $3,000 dollars to remove Heather as my Trustee. I have a new Heir that I will name in my next post.
I hereby DISINHERIT my daughter, Heather Hanson. She will have no part of my legacy, or claim to my intlilectual property.
John Presco
September 13, 2012



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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