Suzanne Christine

I told my sixteen year old daughter, and her stage mother, to stay away from incestuous family members. They ignored me, and, at seventeen years of age Heather disappeared from my life. Two years later, via Shamus Dundon, I found her. She had befriended Vicki Presco, and was pregnant. She was going name my grandchild, Lily-Rose, after my aunt Lillian, if it was a girl.  Lillian betrayed me by giving Tom Snyder our family stories – behind my back. She gave me five hours of a recorded interview. Snyder, Scott Hale, and Lillian were close neighbors.

Vicki moved in with Vic, our father, who Rosemary said looked like Gene Barry. When I brought up the alleged rape of Shannon, Vicki said;

“Oh! That! She knew better than to drink with him. The same thing happened to Christine and I when we drank with him.”

In ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ Snyder said Christine began to drink after the rape of Shannon triggered the memory of childhood incest. This is wrong! The question is, why did my sister’s continue seeing our father after he got them drunk – and raped them? Bill Cosby is I court right now for the same thing. That they had become art partners with the monies our grandmother left her only child, suggests they were seeking a ‘Dark Advantage’, because Mark and I had been in Melba’s Will.

Michael Barry saw me do a watercolor of the Oakland Produce Market I did from memory. It was chosen to tour the world in a Red Cross art show when I was sixteen. Gene Barry plays Jack Sinclair in his son’s movie. Vic’s high school buddies worked atop the Pyramid Building in SF. They invited Vic to join them. Garth Benton’s great grandfather was the Master Freemason of Iowa, and saved Albert Pike’s Masonic Library.

I believe Heather’s family thought they could play my family and come away with Money&Fame. In the photo above I deliberately put Mount Tamalpius in back of my newfound daughter my angel delivered to me in a dream.

EXTRA! I just got off the phone with Chris. I told her about the suede jacket that I surmise Christine could not have had on when she ended up in the water, because it was not ruined. Chris told me about the Seinfeld episode where snow ruins his suede jacket.  I have proven my family lied, and Tom Snyder lied. His book – is ruined! HaHa! I fucked your evil book up – but good!

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

On their way out, they notice it is snowing. Jerry knows snow would ruin his suede jacket and asks Alton if they can take a cab, but Alton replies that it is only a few blocks away. George suggests that Jerry could turn the jacket inside out, but because of the candy stripe lining, Alton notices and tells him to turn it back, saying he looks “like a damn fool” and that he’s “not going to walk down the street with me and my daughter dressed like that.” George then reminds Jerry that the restaurant is only a few blocks away; Jerry, reluctantly, puts his jacket back to normal.

The next day Kramer notices Jerry’s jacket hanging in the bathroom, badly damaged by the snow. Kramer takes it.

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