The Dead Communicating With The Living

The banner that Death carries has on it the Mystic Rose – the Rose of the World! The knight in black armor, is John the Baptist. Nazarites were Prophets and Great Warriors. They are consecrated directly to God. Those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism can benefit from a near death experience.

Rosamond Press

There was a controversy over the crucifix, or the cross, that Paul introduced. He may have done this to replace the silver-plated head of John the Baptist that was an object of NECROMANCY that was practiced by the Jews from the beginning.

Gen. 31:19, the teraphim were made of the head of a man, a first-born, which,
after the man had been slain, was shaved and then salted and spiced. After a
golden plate on which magic words were engraved had been placed under the
tongue, the mummified head was mounted on the wall, and it spoke to the people.
This legend is more fully developed in [?], where it is said that after the head
had been displayed on the wall, lighted candles were placed round it; the people
then prostrated themselves before it, and it talked to them.

The Jews practiced NECROMANCY until King David usurped the House…

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