Kissing a Daughter of Ares

I awoke, not able to sleep. Rena and I are walk-ons. We left our beautiful bodies, and did not come back. Another sould entered, and carried on. We are at the core of Christianity. Jesus entered the body of the gardener, who speaks to Mary Magdalene. I made this blog a year before I found Rena.

Rosamond Press


beach23Are we ready for the kiss, dear reader? Shall I tell the world of our infamous kiss – in the dark?

In the total darkness, I lie motionless, we both in blankets on my friend’s floor. There was not a sliver of light because Brian had started painting all his windows black. I could not even see your dark form, Rena. Minutes passed with out me taking a breath. I could not believe I found the courage to reach out to you. My hand found yours, waiting for me, longing for me, you just wanting someone to hold you and make you feel safe because you were alone in the dark. All alone and a thousand miles from home.

There was a magnificent sensuous spark! The energy that flowed trough our fingers rivaled what God and Adam are forever doing in the Cistine Chapel. There was an exchange of life…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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